What to wear when it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all in one day!?

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So when we have the weather we do at the moment, where one minute it’s sunny one minute it’s pouring with rain, it can make what to wear be a difficult decision.

I recently bought a duster coat which is perfect to throw on if it’s a little bit chilly or wet, and it also won’t make me too warm! I’ve fallen in love with duster coats and I now want one in every colour and style!!

Okay, so I’m definitely a girl who can never have too many shoes or bags, well, now I have a new obsession for duster coats!! I went from owning none to owning two! I’m going to have to put a limit on two though (I must stay away from Topshop and all other clothes shops, especially ASOS!). What can I say, it’s the perfect weather for them in England, it can’t decide if it’s spring or still winter or even autumn! Because of this, I’m not packing away any jackets yet!

I’m in love with the duster coat, they’re just warm enough for the rubbish weather and they’re so easy to throw on over anything and you instantly look like you’ve made an effort with your outfit!! I also currently live in these New Look jeans (which are so comfortable) and these ASOS loafers which are an amazing Gucci loafer dupe! I love the look!

My Duster Coat Wish List

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