Top Travel Packing Tips with My New Samsonite Case

I’ve been wanting to share my top tips for travel packing for a while as I feel like I’ve recently got it down to a T after traveling a bit more.

When it comes to cabin cases I’ve really done my research as I’ve found some break really easily. It’s the case I’m likely to use the most, whether I’m going on the train for a weekend break or jumping on a plane for a short trip away. I’ll even use this case along with a larger one when I’m going on a longer flight for a week away. Because of all of this I need a case to be reliable. Trust me, I’ve had cases where the wheels break mid-traveling. It’s the worst!

There’s only one brand that stands out as being the best, and that’s Samsonite. I went for the Samsonite Lite-Box 55cm Cabin Case and although it’s on the pricier side of things it’s going to last me a very long time. The quality is right up there which means the cost-per-use over time will be so little that it’s worth every penny! I also wanted a case design that I wasn’t going to go off of in a few years. I bought a case about 4 years ago with a print all over, and yes, you guessed it, I’m not keen on the design anymore! So I picked a colour and style that won’t grow old on me. I also made sure the case was light to begin with. Some cases can be quite heavy even before packing anything in. Lastly, sturdiness is key!

So for traveling for a short weekend trip away, here’s my tips:

1. Plan

Plan all your outfits so you don’t over pack. I try to mix and match top and bottoms so I don’t have to pack too much. This is another benefit of having a capsule wardrobe!

2. Travel Sized Products

I’m such a travel-sized product hauler and I always end up with loads somehow. They keep the weight down and you often get them in little deals/giveaways when buying other products. I also get them with my Birchbox subscription and from goodie bags after attending events. So make sure to collect them throughout the year!

3. Roll or Use Packing Cubes

I haven’t decided which one I prefer yet, I tend to see which works best for each trip. Rolling my clothes saves them from getting creased and you can still fit lots in, which is great for a warmer getaway. I usually roll to save my dresses from creasing however in autumn/winter I go for packing cubes as they compact your clothes a lot smaller. This is perfect when you’re packing more bulky items.

Even when I take a case to check-in to the hold I find taking a cabin case super useful. Most airlines for long haul flights will let you take two pieces of hand luggage so I always make the most of this as I find my handbag ends up so heavy with my camera gear, laptop, book, etc. So I pack all the bulky heavy items in my cabin case together with any expensive items and jewellery. This way I know my most precious items are with me for the flight, and also it just means you can take more on to the flight with you. Which is great especially if it’s a long flight, I literally pack my kitchen sink!

What I’m Wearing:

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