An Evening Trying on Diamonds and Drinking Champage

Okay so sadly I wasn’t drinking the champagne as I was driving, however I was certainly trying on all the diamonds and jewellery! It’s not everyday that you get to browse and try on most of the shop!

So the other week I was invited to Winsor Bishop on Trinity Street in Cambridge. Trinity Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Cambridge, full of gorgeous old buildings and most of my favourite shops. So it’s perfectly placed!

Funnily enough I don’t actually wear much jewellery, but I’m thinking it’s because I’ve never really founds the right pieces, because I saw so many stunning pieces in Winsor Bishop that I fell in love with! It was lovely being able to try them all on without the pressure you usually have to buy at other jewellery places!

To end the evening we were ever so kindly gifted a Halcyon Days bracelet too which was lovely. It took me a while to pick which one as I LOVED them all, and I’m actually going to order two more so I can stack them and mix and match them.

If you’re ever in Cambridge or Norwich make sure to check them out to see what gems you can find! Excuse the pun

Disclaimer: I decided to write a blog post about the evening to share this cool place with you. It was so stunning I couldn’t resist. For more information please see my disclaimer.