Beach Bag Essentials

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So I wish I was back on holiday and I thought it was time to do a holiday inspired post. Lets be honest, I need something to remind me of my holiday in Mykonos!! Today I thought I’d chat about my beach bag (or in my case more of a pool bag) essentials!

Tangle Teezer

I love the size of these Tangle Teezers. They’re so small and this one is personalised too! I went for a palm tree print as and it’s perfect for my beach bag! You can personalise Tangle Teezer with a photo (or different prints) and text. It’s a really nice little touch having your own personalised one.

Charles Worthington Sunshine Protection

I had just had my hair coloured before going away, the worst timing ever as I know the sun will always have an impact on your hair! Protecting your hair is soooo important in the sun, especially if coloured. This product helps protect the colour from fading and UV rays. I found this spray really helped and didn’t leave my hair feeling gross!!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen Face Mist

I love this stuff so much! My dad and sister were constantly using it too as it’s that good – we finished the whole bottle! You just spray it over your face and it doesn’t feel sticky or yucky! I’ll definitely be picking this up again as it’s super useful in England too!


I’m going to be honest, it was the last day of my holiday when I thought about this blog post and I’d used up all the suncream before taking the photos! But it’s obviously a #1 must-have for a pool bag! A little tip, I bought the kids one as it was a bit cheaper and it will be the same as the adult stuff – it just says kids on!

The Million Dollar Blog

The Million Dollar Blog book was the perfect holiday read for me. I felt like although I was on holiday I was still doing some work, as in researching and reading up ideas for Sophie Kate! The book was really interesting, there were some bits I skipped as they’re more aimed for business blogs, however I felt most of the book was really useful and I came away with lots of great ideas.


No-brainer really!! These are from River Island and I love them!

What are you favourite beach bag essentials?

Disclaimer: The Tangle Teezer was gifted to me and I purchased all other products myself. As always, all views are my own honest opinions. For more information please see my disclaimer.