Jelly & Gelato by Zoella – First Impressions

So we’ve all heard of Zoe, and if you haven’t, where have you been?! She’s recently brought out a new range to her beauty line, and my first sighting of it was on Instagram stories where it looked like she did the coolest launch ever – a POP-UP in Brighton inviting fans to come down for gelato and to try out the new products! If I’d only been free I would have jumped straight in the car and headed down as it look amazing!! However the closest I was going to get was an online Superdrug order, which I did in a whizz as I wasn’t going to miss out on this range, it looked amazing!!

The new range is called Jelly & Gelato and is made up of eight new products: Beauty Clutch, Bath Frosting, Body Scrub, Body Mist, Shower Shake, Body Pudding, Bath Wafers and Shower Sauce.

It all sounds pretty amazing, however I couldn’t buy everything, as much as I wish I could have! So my picks were:

Shower Sauce

I love how this is a shower “sauce”! Zoe hasn’t just called it a shower gel, she really thought about the product names and made them quirky! This smells really sweet and definitely makes me want it on ice cream (don’t worry, I won’t actually be doing that!), but whenever I use it I just want ice cream and strawberry sauce like when I was a kid. So it’s pretty cool I get to relive my childhood years in the shower!

Bath Frosting

I’ve never tried a bath milk before so I’m super excited to try this one! I love how they all come all individually packed.

Shower Shake

Firstly, mega points on the quirky packaging! I love how the straw pokes out of the top as if it was real!! This is a moisturising body wash and it’s really luxurious. It comes out nice and thick and it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft.

Body Pudding

I used this the past two days as my skin has been feeling really dry and I love it! Firstly I was worried about the pink beads and wondered where they would go, but they quickly melted as I rubbed the product into my skin!! It also smells incredible, the scent is elderflower and pomegranate (two of my favourite things!).

Overall I’m really impressed with these products. They’re the first items I’ve tried from Zoe’s ranges and I’m so impressed with the quality and price! I can’t wait to try more and I’m looking forward to seeing what else Zoe has in the pipeline for the future!

Don’t forget Superdrug currently has 25% off the range as an introductory offer, so be quick and shop it all here.

Disclaimer: All products where bought with my own money and all reviews my honest opinions! This post contains affiliate links, which just means I earn a little bit back through recommending you. It doesn’t affect the price you pay but it just means I make a little bit to keep this blog going!