Capsule Style Packing

Hands up if you’re an over packer when it comes to packing a case? I’m so guilty of packing more than I need, like 4 pairs of shoes when I’m only going away for two days, that type of thing! Sound familiar?

Boohoo challenged me to have more of a “capsule wardrobe” mindset when packing, which is a great idea because M and I have a few two-night country stays booked over the next few months so I definitely need to learn to be more mindful when packing.

I went for a starry skirt because I love stars, it looked mega comfortable and it just looked like a versatile skirt that could go with plenty of outfits — it can be dressed down or up!

Firstly I dressed it down with an off-the-shoulder white T-shirt and a pair of rose gold sandals, an essential when going away (they go with everything, win win!).


For the evening outfit, I transformed the skirt with a pair of heels and a slightly more dressy top with ruffle sleeves. The skirt is also perfect to wear out for a dinner date because it has an elasticated waistband so it’s comfortable when you know you’re going to be indulging in lots of yummy food, which is what usually happens when travelling too.



Boohoo have so many great skirts to choose. They’re a key item that I love having, and when you find one that’s easy to dress up or down it’s perfect to travel with!

I’d love to hear how to you pack for a holiday. Have you tried a capsule wardrobe when it comes to packing?

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Disclaimer: Boohoo gave me an allowance to pick some clothes for this blog post, however it’s not a sponsored post. For more information please check out my disclaimer.


  1. I love the skirt, it’s so cute! I only ever head to Boohoo if I need something for an event and don’t want to spend much. I never think to look for everyday stuff.xx

    1. Thank you Erin! I have never been one to dress up or down an item but I love this way of thinking and packing 🙂 xx

  2. I so need a lesson in capsule packing!! I try to do this and then panic and throw everything in last minute. New York Fashion Week is going to be the hardest packing I have done in a long time. Please come and help me?

    Big Love,


    1. HELL YEAH I WILL COME ?? Haha! It would be a dream!! Good luck with the packing I think just try plan out the days and outfits and see what you can team up with what! 🙂

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