Things I’ve Been Loving – August Edition

  • Contains some gifted items and affiliate links

Ohh K Mask

I’ve had my eye on this brand since I saw them pop up on ASOS, mainly because of the BEAUTIFUL packaging. I recently went to the launch which you might have spotted my vlog. The cucumber mask makes my skin feel refreshed and so soft! I need a lifetime supply of the under-eye mask because of the bags under my eyes, and they’re actually great value for £5. I have been after some for a while and the others I’ve found have all been pretty pricey!

Zoella Body Butter

I’m the world’s worst at moisturizing but since buying this I’ve used it daily. It smells so good and I love that it quickly absorbs and leaves my skin so soft! I’ll 100% be rebuying this product!

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

I love this stuff, I’ve used it every day to protect my hair from damage as I do use my straighteners a lot. This product smells really nice and doesn’t leave your hair feeling like there’s tons of product in it.

L’oreal Hairspray

I’ve always thought that finding a decent hairspray is like finding a good pair of jeans… very hard! I find most hairsprays leave your hair feeling clumpy, but this one’s perfect and I’ve just ordered a big one ready for when this one runs out.


I’ve really fallen in love with jewellery this month. I recently treated myself to some Missoma bits as I’ve had my eye on them for ages. I’ve never been a person who owns loads of jewellery and I never buy myself any, so I decided to treat myself as I knew they’d get so much wear. I haven’t taken the earrings off (apart from at night) since they arrived and I wear my necklace whenever I can. I was also sent a Haylcon Days bracelet from Winsor Bishop and I love it. I’ve worn it every day since it arrived too! I really want to collect a few more to stack up.


Food Love

My food love this month is this Hotel Chocolat Summer Deserts H-Box. They’re so yummy and refreshing! I’m more of a chocolate eater in winter when it’s comfort food but their Summer Desert Box is just so tasty!

YouTube Favourites

I’ve got two new favourite YouTubers who I’ve been watching so much. Yes I still love Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit, but I’m really enjoying Susie from Hello October and Alix from I Covet Thee. We have similar styles and I love watching their videos. I’m not going to lie, I usually come away doing as ASOS order after eyeing up something from their videos!

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