How to Build a Jewellery Collection

Over the past 5 or so years I’ve never been one for jewellery, for some reason I never really saw a point in wearing any. I guess in my old job working with children it was never really suitable, however I’ve recently changed and realised maybe it’s because I’ve not been looking for the right pieces. So I wanted to share a few of my favourites and tell you how I built up my jewellery collection after years of not wearing any!

When I was younger I had pieces of jewellery that I use to wear a lot, like items I received for my 18th Birthday and lots of Thomas Sabo and Links of London. Who didn’t want a Links of London sweetie bracelet and Thomas Sabo bracelets back then!? I pretty much don’t wear them anymore because my tastes have majorly changed, but thats not to say one day I won’t go back to wearing them as they’re still really nice pieces of jewellery and they have memories.

So here’s my new tips on building a jewellery collection, and my wish list!

Search and Try On

Have a good search on the internet and then go check out pieces you find in real life. I recently went to Selfridges and tried lots on. I always worry they’re going to pressure you into buying something and I feel bad trying on items I have no intention of buying. My top tip here is to pretend you have a birthday coming up and you want to try it on for ideas see if you like it. This is the perfect way to find what suits you and what you like without the pressure!

If you’re still looking at the items online a few days/weeks after you find it, you’re probably going to wear them lots and it’s worth getting! For example I never take of these Missoma pieces, they just go with so many outfits!

Find Your Style

Find brands that you love and suit your style. I love Missioma, Monica Valder and Mejuri. I think once you’ve found the brands you love then keep an eye out for new collections.

Why find Jewellery you love?

Adding jewellery to your outfit can really finish a look off and can also completely change an outfit. For example if you’re wearing jeans and a white tee on a day you really can’t be bothered you can simple add a necklace and earrings to make it look like you’ve put some effort in!

I’m so glad I have a new outlook on jewellery and that I’m now finding pieces I really want to wear lots instead of ones I never end up wearing.

Here’s is some of my jewellery wishlist of items I know will be key pieces that I’ll wear tons!


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