Weekend in Brighton Staying at The Artist Residence

When Michael said to me “Let’s go to Brighton!” I knew there was only one hotel I wanted to book. So I rushed straight onto Booking.com and got us booked in for The Artist Residence. I’d been lusting over the hotel on Instagram for so long! I was actually in such a rush I accidentally booked a room with 2 bunk beds (no joke!), but lucky I noticed with enough time to cancel and change the booking for a room with a double bed!

When we arrived and checked-in we were welcomed with the words everyone wants to hear… “oh and we’ve upgraded your room to a sea view!”. That’s always a great way to start a mini-break, especially when you don’t get to see the sea often!

So let’s talk about the interiors. It’s so quirky and cool it’s unreal! I read the story behind the hotel and it’s a really amazing story: The owner wanted to decorate the family B&B however he had no budget, so with a bit of clever thinking he called upon local artists for help. Being in Brighton and with it’s huge art scene it was the perfect idea, and hundreds applied to help decorate the rooms in return for free stays. This was when the Artist Residence was born, and they’ve since grown to London, Oxford and Cornwall. I love success stories!

The Cocktail Shack that’s part of the hotel is a great place to go for a unique cocktail or two that are all named after celebrities. They will of course mix up any other standard cocktail for you as long as they the right ingredients! I really liked the decor of the shack, lots of dark furniture with funky neon lights and plenty of plants everywhere. Please can I just move in!?

In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel (which was included in the room) and it was super yummy. A cooked breakfast overlooking the sea is just the perfect way to set us up for a day of walking down to Hove and exploring the Instagrammable beach huts. Afterwards we strolled back into Brighton for the last wander around the lanes to finish off our little mini Brighton break.

Brighton is such a cool place and I can’t wait to go back. If you’re heading to Brighton any time soon there’s a few places I’d highly recommend.

The Lanes as they have soooo many shops of all types and sizes
Don’t miss Dum Dum Doughnuts that are in the Lanes
Obviously the beach! Not really a hard one to miss!
Lucky Star is a cool restaurant/bar on the beach and make sure you try the fish and chips, they were so tasty and it’s got some great reviews.
Red Roaster is great for brunch or lunch, and don’t forget the Insta-selfie in their gorgeous toilets!!
Shopwise, I fell in love with Workshop Living — thanks Anna for the recommendation (not that she reads my blog, #dreams)
Another amazing shop is Unlimited that sells art/prints/etc. It’s great, and let’s just say I would have bought the whole shop if I could have!!

Don’t forget to check out my Brighton Vlog:

Did I miss any spots in Brighton that you love? If so then let me know as it’s just more of an excuse for me to head back there!

Disclaimer: We paid for the hotel however we did receive a free upgrade all reviews are my own. For more information please see my disclaimer.


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