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Dr Ceuticals is a brand I’d never come across, so when I was sent a few of their products I was happy to try them out and share them with you lovely lot if I ended up liking them. They’re a brand that offers a range of products for various body problems, for example annoying cracked heels, dry hands and cellulite. All those areas where sufferers would really like to improve and get rid of, and Dr Ceuticals are here to help! They kindly sent me these products for review and they wowed me over so I wanted to share them with you.

Super Repair Hand Cream

I’m forever running out of hand cream and always happy to try new ones, preferably non-greasy as I can’t stand a hand cream that leaves your hands feeling greasy! This is great as it absorbs quickly, and while it does feel a little sticky at first the feeling quickly goes. I also like it thats it doesn’t have a strong scent. I’ll be popping this hand cream in my handbag as we go onto the two seasons that play havoc with my hands. Yesss, autumn and winter is when my hands need lots of hand cream!

Sculpting Cellulite Treatment

Okay so being 26 I really didn’t think I’d need to worry about cellulite, however a few weeks ago I noticed I actually had some! So I requested this product when Dr Ceutcials got in touch and asked which products I would like to try out. It’s a product that takes 28 days to get working and can help you lose up to 0.7cm off the hip area and 0.8cm off the buttock area. It’s still a product I’m using and waiting to see the results so I’ll keep you updated with this one! I do sometimes keep forgetting to use it as it’s a new step to my morning routine, so I must get better. It recommends to use it for 3 months for optimal results so keep an eye out in one of my favourites video or blog posts and I’ll be sure to include it if it goes well.

Cracked Heel Repair

After months of wearing slip-on shoes and being barefoot my feet have definitely needed some TLC. This Cracked Heel Repair improves your feet in 3 days, which is my type of product, something that works quickly! My feet aren’t cracked however I do have dry skin so after the bath or on an evening I’ve been applying this before bed and letting it soak into my feet overnight. I’ve really noticed since using it that my feet are softer and less dry.

Overall I really liked Dr Ceuticals products. The prices are affordable and they have a good selection of body care products ranging from body, feet to hands.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products to try out and it was agreed that if I liked them enough I would share them, however there was no obligation for me to do so. I really did like Dr Ceuticals products so I wanted to share them with you. For more information please see my disclaimer.


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