The Sheet Mask You Need in Your Life

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It took me a while to decide how much I love sheet masks. At first I found them a bit of a pain and a bit cold and uncomfortable, however I found the perfect time to wear one is in a hot bath when you actually want that cool refreshing feeling. It’s the perfect time to switch off and read a book, plus you don’t risk the awkward situation of the postman knocking while you still have 15 minutes of your sheet mask to go!

So I’ve been trying out the Elemental Herbology Radiance and Vitality Nutrition Infusion Mask (wow that’s a mouthful!). This is the first product I’ve tried by Elemental Herbology and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The mask claims to instantly brighten and it’s superhydrating mask is infused with Kombuchka, which delivers a lipofilling effect with out surgery… somehow! It all helps improve with your skin’s smoothness and radiance. It also has Niacinamide Vitamin B3 which helps your skin form a barrier to the outside world, and finally Aloe Vera which can help heal, soothe and rejuvenate skin.

These masks are pretty easy to apply, I did find the gap for your mouth was a bit small but you can easily cut it to make slightly bigger. I also love the fact you don’t need to rinse your face after, you simply bin the mask and massage any excess product into your face. 
I found after using the mask my skin felt so soft and it definitely had more of a glow. I really enjoyed trying out these masks I’m going to start exploring some other products by Elemental Herbology. 
Disclaimer: I was sent these masks for review. All opinions are my own honest views. For more information please see my disclaimer.

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