I’m going full Capsule Wardrobe, and you should too!

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I remember when I first heard of capsule wardrobes, The Anna Edit had started one and I was like WTF, I could never do that! Well, things have changed now and I’m going to give it a go. I LOVE shopping and feel this is going to be really different for me, but I’ve also learnt that I’ve previously bought so many clothes that don’t get worn enough (maybe once or twice). Having fewer but better quality items that I love and can wear lots (in different outfits) sounds like a much better idea. I’m actually selling a ton of my clothes at the Cambridge Blogger Market, if you want to find out more here’s the details here I will also be doing Instagram live on the day for those who can’t make it but spot something they would like to buy.

So why have I changed my mind? Like, what’s wrong with me?! Is it that I don’t love shopping anymore!? No, of course I love shopping… I’ve just learnt that I don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes because no matter how many items are in it I will always say I have NOTHING to wear!!

The other week I wore an outfit that made me feel really happy and I felt I looked good. It was only a cheap tee, black skinnies and sandals, but I really liked it. It made me realise I need more clothes in my wardrobe that make me feel like this and are going to be well-loved.

I’m not going to be super strict and count my items and saying I can only have so many tops or this many jeans. I am going to be ditching a lots of old clothes though, and I’m selling my grey and pink pairs of Supergas, I only really need one pair! I have to learnt not to buy one pair of shoes in every colour because how many pairs can you really need!?

I’ve always been a cost-per-wear kinda person. I remember when I was younger my sister would spend £100’s on a dress she might only wear once or twice, whereas I would spend that on a hoodie that would be worn daily! Spending more on better quality clothes that I love and can be worn lots with different outfits is definitely the way I want to go.

So I’ve got a few last items to buy to finish off my capsule wardrobe to get me through Autumn. I’ve just picked up a pair of black boots and a new style of jeans from Topshop as I really have worn my Topshop Leigh jeans into the ground, and I feel I need to add a few more shirts or thicker tee’s or thin knits to my wardrobe. I seem to only have tons of thick jumpers which is difficult because I always overheat when walking around London in this weather in a super thick jumper!!

I really feel this is a good way forward and I’ve learnt to be more careful with what I spend. Going through having a flipping good clear out has scared me a little with the amount of clothes I actually own!

If you want to know what’s on my shopping list to finish off my current Autumn Wardrobe let me know and I’ll do a blog post or video!

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? Has it worked for you?

Don’t forget you can shop my wardrobe by heading over to my Shop!

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    1. Oh I will do a blog post when I finalise it! Start with a massive clear out there a blog called Unfancy with a print off you can print! My motto is if its not been worn in the past 3months bin (unless its summer clothing)

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