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I don’t chat about food over on my blog very much however this blog originally started with food and my plan was to see where it takes me. Over time I’ve grown Sophie Kate to be a style, beauty, lifestyle and travel blog, however the other week I had an invite to the Pint Shop in Cambridge for a press lunch, so of course I said yesss! It was really nice being back in Cambridge at a foodie event.

The Pint Shop is in central Cambridge, pretty close to the Corn Exchange and the shops, so if you’re visiting Cambridge for the day you should definitely check them out. It’s in such a lovely old building and it’s the perfect place for a quick drink and maybe some nibbles, or if you have time, a full meal. They have plenty of beers/ales/ciders to choose from plus quirky soft drinks too!

The menu we were served was


  • Black Pudding Scotch Egg with Cider Mayonnaise
  • Deep Fried Squid and Capers with Saffron Aioli
  • Mushroom Croquettes with Stout Mayonnaise
  • Charred Celeriac, Artichoke Hearts & Lentil Salad

Main Course

  • Overnight Pork Belly, Slow Cooked Celeriac with Garlic & Thyme
  • Pint Shop House Curry King Prawn with Naan, Rice & Peanut Chutney
  • Grilled Stone Bass, Charred Corn, Potato & Artichoke
  • Devilled Lamb Shoulder with Crispy Red Onions
  • North African Squash & Leek Crispy Chickpeas


  • Apple & Blackberry Crumble Sundae with Apple & Blackberry Compote, Cardamon Ice Cream with a Crumble Topping

It was a LOT of yummy food so I didn’t try it all, however I’ll let you know what I did love! I really liked the Mushroom Croquettes with Stout Mayonnaise, they were so tasty and had plenty of mushroom in the middle. Also the Deep Fried Squid and Capers with Saffron Aioli was a highlight too!

For mains I really liked the Pork, Curry and Fish. They were the only ones I managed to try as I was so full but it all sounds amazing!! The pudding was really tasty and I liked the twist of mixing sundae and a crumble together — it works really well plus the ice cream is from Jack’s Gelato, the best place for ice cream in town!

I really like the wide variety on the menu and the way half the menu is more sharing plates and the other half is meals. It’s really nice to be able to mix and match to what you feel like on the day.


I was invited to a press lunch and I enjoyed the food so much I couldn’t resist snapping away some photos and writing about it!


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