Laura Mercier Masterclass

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The other week I found myself getting up super early… okay 6 o’clock is probably not that early for most people, but it’s early for people like me who work from home. I got to the station and I felt like I was off to school with all the other commuters who were off to work for the day, it was quite an odd feeling, however I was pretty excited I was off to an event for a brand I love!

I’d never attended a makeup masterclass before so I was excited to see what new tips I was going to learn from the pro Mary Greenwell.

So Mary Greenwell started the makeover with the Rose Oil by massaging it into the model’s face to prep her face. I was pretty jealous as it looked really relaxing! Although this isn’t a step I have in my makeup routine due to time, it’s definitely a product I will be using more of on an evening as part of my skincare routine to keep my skin hydrated. It’s also a bit of a multi-tasker product as you can use it on your hair (for flyaways) and nails.

For the base of the makeup Mary used Radiance Primer, the perfect way to prep your skin before applying foundation for a natural glow. I have fallen in love with using this primer!

Trying out the Flawless Fusion Foundation I found the first few days it just wasn’t working with my skin. The first day I applied it with my fingers like Mary Greenhow did, however I felt it just wasn’t blending great so maybe I applied too much. Since then I found the best way to apply it is with a damp beauty blender as it makes my foundation apply seamlessly and it stays in place all day with a medium coverage.

Let’s talk about Sephora’s best selling product, yesss, it’s the Loose Setting Powder! I’ve heard so many people raving about the product and now I know why! I apply it after I finish my makeup to set it, and sometimes it’s a bit hard to get the right amount out so I give it a slight shake upside down before opening it.

Funnily enough, I was chatting to Maria about how much I need to start using a Lipliner, and I we got one in our goodie bag in the colour Grenadine! How haven’t I used one before!? Like, where have I been!? I was super excited to see I’d been gifted one so I can up my lipstick game. The Grenadine colour is perfect as my go-to lip colour is red most of the time. To go with the Lipliner we were gifted a Lipstick in the colour Temptation.

I’ve always loved the products I’ve used in the past from Laura Mercier, however I’d never tried her makeup before. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long! I’m so impressed and I’m looking forward to adding lots more to my makeup collection!

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I’d been gifted all the products in this blog post after attending the Makeup Masterclass. I loved them so much I just had to share them with my readers.  There are affiliate links throughout this blog post which means I earn a little bit through each sale. This doesn’t affect the price you pay via the links at all. For more information please see my disclaimer.

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