Christmas Fish-tivities with Loch Fyne

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Okay is it too early to chat about Christmas!? I’m going to be honest, I’ve had the Christmas radio stations on this week and I’ve even pre-ordered the Christmas food shopping! With that in mind, do you ever feel you overdo it with the turkey in December? I know some years by the time I’ve gone out for the work “Christmas do” (this year I sadly won’t be going to one now I’m self-employed!) and gone out with friends for a Christmas feast, that’s two turkey dinners already! Sometimes it’s good to have a change and the lovely people over at Loch Fyne invited me to try out their menu to see if I’d be up for changing some of my turkey dinners this season to some Fish-tivities!

I’ve always wanted to try out Loch Fyne as I love fish, however it’s always been a restaurant I’ve never quite made the time to visit for some reason, and now I regret it’s taken me this long! I’ve majorly been missing out on great fish dishes!

So Michael and I headed to the Cambridge restaurant which is in a gorgeous old building. When we were seated the manager introduced himself, kindly brought us over a glass of Processco and left us looking through the menus. It was decision time! With such a big main menu, a set menu for two (a fantastic deal, 2 courses for £10.95 or 3 for £12.95) plus a specials board, there was plenty of choice!

We were offered oysters to begin with and we decided to go for it! Sadly in the end I wasn’t daring enough to try them but Michael did and he actually quite liked it. They do a few different types including one with breadcrumbs which I think is the one I’ll have to try one day when I get the courage! Have you ever tried oysters? What did you think?

To start with I had the Chilli and Garlic Prawns because I love prawns and can never make them well at home. They were so garlicky and had a nice chilli kick — they were seriously delicious! Michael had the mussels in creamy white wine, garlic and herb sauce with some bread. I pinched a few too as they reminded me of the ones my aunty used to make me in France. They tasted incredible!

Moving on to mains, I went for the Fish and Chips as it’s one of my favourites and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The fish melted in your mouth and there was no soggy batter in sight! The chips were also perfect! I find restaurants never get chips quite right however Loch Fyne certainly did… not too thick not to thin and with the perfect amount of crisp to them.

Michael surprisingly splashed out and had the Lobster, he was much more adventurous than me! I did steal a little of his and it was really tasty especially with the lovely buttery sauce. I was quite surprised that I liked it as I really wasn’t expecting to for some reason. I’m not sure I’d ever order one in a restaurant as it looked like you need to be trained on how to pull it apart, but I was actually impressed he knew how to eat a lobster and in the end it didn’t look too hard!

After all that delicious food I was way too full for pudding, however Michael being Michael went and ordered the Hot and Cold Chocolate Ashet! It was 3 mini puddings, a hot fondant, ice cream and a Chocolate marquise — basically the dream pudding for any chocolate lover! Very rich and the perfect amount to not leave you feeling sick! The next time I visit Loch Fyne I’m definitely going to make sure I save room for the Creme Brûlée!

We didn’t look at the Christmas menu as we were a bit too early, however you can view them all online and I’ve taken a look and it looks incredible! I’ll definitely be going back before Christmas and can’t recommend it enough for you to think about having one of your Christmas meals at Loch Fyne and give the Turkey a break for a meal!

So make sure you check out Loch Fyne over the Christmas period for some Fish-tivities! Have I tempted you to book Loch Fyne for a meal?

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  1. I have tried oysters they were ok very salty, preferred them with a bit of hot sauce. I so want to try this restaurant out it says amazing and those pictures are making my mouth water.

  2. I actually might suggest this place for a Christmas catch-up with a few friends in Dec. The Christmas menu looks soo good. Amazing pics by the way x

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