What’s in My Christmas Going Out Bag!

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I find myself going out more in the evenings this season as it’s more of a sociable time of the year. I don’t get away with being boring and being in bed by 10pm! So I thought I’d do a “What’s in my going-out handbag” post! I try my best to keep it to a minimum although I’m the type of person who wants to take everything with me, so I find packing my going-out bag really hard!

So what do I really need for an evening!?

My iPhone, of course! I can never be without my phone when I’m out and about. I always like to know if I need to be in touch with someone or if there’s an emergency then I have it with me. And of course I like to use the iPhone camera to snap those memories and Instagrams!

I have two purses that I swap between. If I know I’m only going to need cash I’ll just take my coin purse, and if I’m going out for a meal and will be spending a bit more I’ll take my card holder. I prefer this way of organising my dolla as it’s easier to take out just what I need rather than lugging around the 20 million store cards I have, half of which I don’t need!

A lipstick… well, this one is a pretty obvious one! I never go anywhere without my lipstick, especially if I’m out for dinner! I love the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks as they’re so long lasting and the packaging looks amazing when you whip it out of your bag.

Lastly, let’s talk about this stunning Cambridge Satchel Bag that they kindly gifted me. It’s the perfect size for an evening bag and it forces me to not take my kitchen sink out on an evening! It’s covered in stars, and if you know you’ll know I love stars, stripes and spots! Cambridge Satchel really do have a lovely collection of bags this Christmas you must check them out!

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