Tackling Anxiety When Traveling: My Top Tips

When I was younger going on airplanes, trains and cars never bothered me, I never thought about it. Actually I guess I used to be excited for a journey as a child, we were always travelling or driving new places and it just seemed like one big adventure. However in recent years I’ve suddenly had this struggle with anxiety when flying and going on trains (not so much when being a passenger in a car). It’s strange how something so easy and that you just do in your stride can suddenly become an ongoing battle.

My motto is the more you do something the easier it gets, and it’s so true. If I haven’t been on a train for ages the first time doing it again is really hard. Today I wanted to share my top tips as I think I’ve finally cracked how to travel with much less anxiety!

1. Rescue Remedy

I was introduced to this stuff when I was a teenager I’ve never looked back. Actually I did once question it when Michael worked out how expensive the stuff is per millilitre, however the price of it still didn’t put me off (it’s about £10 for a small bottle). It’s basically a spray you spray on your tongue when you feel anxious. A little goes a long way and I only use it when I really need it. I never leave the house without it!

2. Invest in decent headphones

I remember the first time I stole Michael’s noise cancelling headphones for a long haul flight and it made flying so much easier. I couldn’t hear the kids on the plane being loud or the other annoying plane noises there were, I could totally just zone out. I’ve since bought the Beats headphones which aren’t noise cancelling however they are perfect for everyday use especially on trains. They’re also wireless which makes them so much easier to use.

3. Podcasts

Now you have your headphones sorted it’s time to talk about podcasts! These are my biggest and best discovery! Listening to a podcast can really take your mind off of your worries. I find it better than listening to music because it really focuses your mind on listening to people chatting about a certain subject. Let me know if you want a blog post of my favourite podcasts! If you’re not big on podcasts then reading is great too, I just find when my anxiety gets bad I can’t get into reading a book and I really struggle as my mind still focuses on the anxiety rather than the book.


So they are my top tips to help with my anxiety when traveling! I would love to know what are your top tips to deal with when anxiety hits?

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  1. Really helpful post. Yes, i think as we get older and life is so fast (plus filled with people and occurrences that we could do without), so many of us can get anxious. Its always pretty much fear of the unknown, and facing things head on is great. To a certain extent, so the headphones and listening to podcasts is a great idea. I try and listen to music that makes me feel happy, which in turn helps with confidence. Ah Rescue Remedy, love the sound of the spray, the drops on the tongue were a help to me years ago for my exams.
    H x

    1. Awww I’m glad you found it helpful! Rescue Remedy such a great product if it works for you! My boyfriend always laughs as he thinks its a load of rubbish but it does honestly work for me! 😊

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