The Wardrobe Edit: Jumpers

Okay, jumpers are my go-to in this freezing weather, I absolutely love them! When I’m picking my jumpers they need to be good quality, especially now I’m having more of a capsule wardrobe. Well, I was doing the whole capsule wardrobe thing until the January sales started which got me a bit distracted from being good! But I can promise you I’m back on track now!!

If I was made of money I would buy cashmere, but one, it’s pricey, and two, the moths love natural fibres which cashmere is! So sometimes it’s not always the best idea and nowadays there are so many more alternatives.

So I wanted to share with you what I look for in a jumper and my top picks when jumper shopping.

My jumper drawer was overflowing not that long ago however I think I’ve tackled it and I now have a good mix of jumpers, from the “getting s**t done” type of jumper (these are more sweatshirts), to the “I’ve got my myself together” jumper, and not forgetting the cosy jumper!

My Jumper Top Picks

Here are some of my top picks: plain knits, everyday knits, higher-end knits, slogan knits (head’s up, there’s the perfect dupe for the Bella Fruad vibe jumper!). There’s something for everyone below, and most of all these are the knits I have my eye on MOST!!


My Go-To Places for Jumpers

  • GAP, but wait for them to have an offer on, they do the majority of the time!
  • ASOS own brand are great for knitwear. I love their ASOS Jumper with Crew Neck they are so thin and perfect for tucking into high-waisted jeans.
  • Warehouse is new discovery but I recently bought a red jumper which I tend to live in! It’s so warm and it feels as good as cashmere but a lot cheaper!
  • H&M do amazing knits, really great quality and great price.
  • Next, okay so if you said Next to me a few years back I would have been like REALLY?! Surely it’s a bit mumsy!? But NO, Next knitwear is incredible and I’m so shocked how soft some of their jumpers are. I really love their range!

Inside My Jumper Drawer


Photos by Sian Photography 

When I buy a jumper I tend to go back to brands that I know wash well. I can’t stand hand washing items, it can be a real pain! Also don’t waste your money on a battery-powered de-bobbler, they’re rubbish! Instead just use a jumper comb that you can get from White Stuff or places like John Lewis. They make it so easy to de-bobble jumpers when they’re going a bit bobbly.

That’s all my jumper advice and top picks! Don’t forget there’s a Capsule Wardrobe: Jumper Edit Video over on my YouTube channel if you want a sneak peek into my jumper drawer, however I will ADMIT I have binned a few now and replace some too!!

What I’m Wearing

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