Estee Lauder Double Wear vs. The Ordinary Coverage Foundation…

When it comes to foundations there are so many different brands, shades and types to choose from. You would think I would have found the perfect one by now after years of wearing foundation… trust me I haven’t and I have definitely wasted quite a bit of money over the years on the wrong shades.

I’m comparing two very similar foundations but at V E R Y different price tags. I have now been trying and testing these two foundations for months and I think to be fair it’s a pretty fun S T R O N G   G A M E! So let’s see how they compare…

One foundation that everyone raves about and Maria pretty much persuaded me to buy is the Estee Lauder Double Wear and tbh I’m pretty glad she did as it is such a great foundation! Before buying I went in a few times to store to get colour matched. I find everyone tends to match you slightly differently so I wanted a few testers to try out first before buying the right shade… which if I’m honest the one I ended up buying I don’t think is the perfect shade for my skin tone. The foundation itself is really great you can layer it on and does give you a full coverage. It also R E A L L Y  does stay on all day I tend to put this on if I’m heading out for the whole day or if I’m filming as I know it makes my face look really glowy and it covers up any spots I have!!

If you want a cheaper version definitely pick up The Ordinary Coverage Foundation, first of all, it’s £5.90 like S E R I O U S L Y  it’s such a bargain it doesn’t matter if you order the wrong shade at that price does it!? It’s not really going to break the bank. I headed to Covent Garden to try and get colour matched…. my bit of advice, don’t go if you are hoping a member of staff will colour match you just be warned everytime I have been it has been too busy with customers and I haven’t been able to ask for advice, however, if you don’t mind waiting I’m sure they will help. I have also noticed more counters of The Ordinary have been popping up in House Of Fraser and they seem to be quieter so it might be worth a shot if you are looking for some advice on shades. The Ordinary do some great skincare too which I have written about here.

I find the two foundations are very similar however I didn’t manage to find similar shades in each. In the photo, the top lighter colour is The Ordinary is a better match for my skin. The darker one is the Doublewear which I do like the fact it’s a darker shade for when I’m filming I feel it gives me a bit of a healthier skin tone. However, comparing the two they are definitely a very similar product when they are on the face and I’m really impressed with the staying power of The Ordinary one considering theprice.. The brand definitely lives up to its high expectations.

Anyways that’s it from me blabbering on about foundation it’s time I actually go and get ready and put some on my face to cover this T I R E D face up!! I hope you found this post interesting and let me know if you have tried either of the two. I would love to know your thoughts and which one you prefer if you have tried both.

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  1. I have been using double wear for years but changed towards the end of last year to The Ordinary and have never looked back!

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