Getting Into Batch Cooking

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So batch cooking isn’t something I’ve ever tried. It’s always one of those things I’ve seen some people on YouTube/Instagram do but for me, I never really thought “let’s batch cook on a Sunday!” I hate eating leftover food and I’m always a worrier what if it’s gone off? What if I haven’t heated it up right? etc..!

When an invite popped into my inbox inviting me down to the Waitrose Cookery School on behalf of John Lewis to learn about batch cooking, I was interested in learning about batch cooking as I’m pretty sure anything to make dinners easier would be amazing so I was willing to learn. TBH I did feel like I was going back to school… remember those good old food tech lessons!?

When we arrived at the cookery school we learnt about what we would be making. We started with the sauce, which will last all week in a good old Kilner Jar *M A K E   S U R E  Y O U   S T E R I L I S E  I T   F I R S T* Interestingly we learnt that because garlic is quite sugary it burns quicker, rather than onion which is more watery. We first heated up the pan with nothing in it while prepping the garlic and basil, then we added the oil and garlic once the pan was already heated to stop it from burning, then we added basil. I also learnt that passata is at the bottom end for flavour, then it goes chopped tomatoes then plum tomatoes, which are richer in flavour and at the top end of the scale. I added the plum tomatoes and then let the sauce simmer for a good 30 minutes so it reduces in quantity. Ready for the week!

We were then shown some of the recipes we could make with the sauce throughout the week. One is Shakshuka which is a baked egg dish which would make the perfect weekend brunch recipe. We were also shown how easy it was to make pizza dough and to use the sauce as the base. Finally we made our dinner for the evening which was handmade pasta… ohhh gosh I really want a pasta maker now it was so much fun!! To go with the pasta we made Puttanesca which was so quick and easy to make, and full of flavour. We added to our tomato base sauce some cherry tomatoes, capers, anchovy fillets, chilli flakes and dried oregano.

Now I’ve got a much better understanding of batch cooking!! I’m definitely up for trying it out more often. Thank you so much John Lewis for such a fun evening! I’m already looking at which masterclass to book myself into next, and you can too, just check out the Waitrose Cookery School website for more information. If you want to make some of the recipes too you can find them here.


The evening was complimentary for us on behalf on John Lewis. I really enjoyed my evening so I decided I would share it with you lovely lot! I’ve also used affiliate links in this blog post which just means I make a little bit from the sale, however it doesn’t affect the price you pay. If you would like to read more about my disclaimer please click here.


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