Why you should leave your comment pods!

When the Instagram algorithm changed we were all struggling — I think everyone panicked! Some users turned to buying followers and likes, while others chose to join comment pods.

I’ve never bought followers as I strongly believe it’s important to have a genuine following. I had mixed views on comment pods, like yes we all want comments, the more the better surely!? But then are they really valuable to us if they aren’t real i.e the person is only commenting because you comment back on theirs. It’s not an organic comment.

So last year after seeing lots of users receiving tons of comments and my account was really struggling I decided to join two. I used them for a few months before I slowly started stopping posting in them. I’ve now fully left both of them and I was really sad to leave them as I was friendly with the girls and we always shared friendly advice and did meet-ups *I’m hoping they will still invite me to *the meet-up!* I was MEGA scared leaving them and kept questioning would anyone comment on my photos after!?

I was pretty surprised as I’ve found since leaving them actually more people comment on my photos and they’re more varied from newer users and from long-time followers. Now I know all these comments are completely organic and real! Trust me it’s such a nice feeling knowing people are commenting and taking time because they want to rather than it being partly for the sake of making their own accounts look good too.

Now that I’ve experienced comment pods and fully understand how important it is to be 100% organic, I’ve realised it’s also something brands need to understand better too. In the end, it’s just another way to artificially grow your stats, and that is worrying because it’s easy for someone to do that and then start taking work off of people who genuinely work hard at growing their following.

If you’re interested in finding out if someone is in one on Instagram (or on their blogs) then you can look through old posts at how many comments there are and if it’s the same people commenting each time. Then you can click on those people and see if the same people always comment on their posts too ?

Photos by Sian Photography 

We need to all pull together if we read something or see something we like… comment or like, and let’s start having real followings and real comments so bloggers don’t feel they need to fake their way! Also remember if you’re buying followers and are being paid for work then it’s technically fraud. That brand is paying you based on your following, and if your engagement is fake then the brand won’t be benefiting.

I always believe that putting in the effort and time to make your content great then the rest will follow. If you’re only doing this for the numbers then you’re in it for the wrong reason. You need to really L.O.V.E it!


  1. Interesting Sophie – I’m glad you were confident enough in your content to leave the pods! I’ve never been in a pod myself and although I can see the benefits I feel like our time is better spent on building real connections with followers who, like you said, are choosing to comment. I have a number of friends whose posts I manually search for and comment on every day, just because I want to and am always interested in their content, not because we’re in a pod. Definitely feel a lot of love from these connections 🙂

    1. Hi Natasha, I’m the same now I have friends accounts who I always comment on just because I love their content and it’s so much nicer being able to comment without feeling pressured into commenting because you’re in a pod and you have too! I’m so glad I left mine I wish I had left them soon TBH! ? Hope I see you soon!

  2. I’d never heard of comment pods before! I have a smaller Instagram following and don’t receive huge numbers of likes or comments, but I agree, it’s refreshing to know that each and every comment you get is organic and sincere rather than a bot or someone who follows you, comments and then instantly unfollows you after (I hate that).


    1. Probably a good thing you haven’t ? i’m so glad I left mine. It’s so important to be organic on Instagram! ? Thank you for reading and commenting ?

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