Lessons I learnt being without a MacBook for a week…

So my MacBook broke after 6months of owning it… pretty much a joke ay..!? Anyways Apple needed it for 3-5 days to fix. Today I’m writing about what I learnt by having some time off work although that now feels like it was months ago! When I say  “off work” I mean very limited work which could be done on my mobile. I luckily had scheduled a lot of content but not enough, which is why things were a bit quiet over here and not to schedule… which I hated!

Things I learnt: I actually got a lot of ideas that week I think I wrote more blog posts on my mobile than I have ever before… when I was ironing, I had a blog post idea… so although it was a week of drinking tea, ironing, cleaning, pretty much-being mum without any children, it wasn’t all bad! It gave me time to reflect on my blog and work on ideas. I planned a lot of blog posts and videos!

Photos by Sian Photography 

I did learn you feel mega guilty as being self-employed you feel you need to be working all the time, however, I spent way too much time trying to fix my Instagram problems which I THINK I have finally figured a solution too… watch this space for more info! I think it’s important in the world we live in today to remember to take time off and take a step back from the screen. Sometimes better ideas pop into your head rather than wasting hours sitting in front of a screen trying to think of an idea or what to write.

I learnt replying to emails on mobile is difficult, my inbox is currently very unorganised. Editing photos on mobile isn’t easy either. So, for now, I’m hoping I don’t have to be without a MacBook again for a while but I’m going to remember to switch off a bit more though and not get frustrated if I can’t find the right words as sometimes we just need to step back.

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