Working From Home and Getting S*** Done!!

Okay, so working from home has its ups and downs! Some days you just learn you won’t get anything done and others you’ll fly through the day with no spare time at all being a busy bee!

Plan Time Out

I literally always make sure I plan time out of the house to get a coffee, walk to the shops, finish some errands or go for a run. Just taking that time away from the screen out of the house is so important, not just for myself but for my body and my mental health and anxiety. At the end of the day I don’t want to become a complete recluse!

The Distractions

Distractions. This is one I haven’t really got down to a T yet… like when the dishwasher is done or washing machine beeps and I always end up emptying it. I think because my office is in our living area it’s so easy to always be distracted. So if you’re going to work from home make sure you really think about your work area. Unfortunately, I have no choice!


Well this leads us on nicely to a routine. Like I said with distractions, it’s so easy to be distracted so it’s really important to get into a routine. When I wake up I check all my notifications and do a quick insta-scroll so I know it’s done and I have an excuse to lie in bed for a bit longer. I’ve also started getting up at a certain time (which meant I started going to sleep earlier at night) which is better rather than lying in till 11 o’clock and then going to bed late! I try and get a head start with emails while I have my breakfast with a cup of tea and then empty the dishwasher so I know it’s done for the day. Then I’ll jump in the shower. Getting dressed and putting on makeup makes such a difference to my work. If I feel if I look presentable I work so much better, but as soon as I put my loungewear on no work is getting done and I start feeling sleepy and tired.

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Lunch Breaks

Make time to have a lunch break as it can be really easy to just eat lunch at your desk and not give yourself a break. Try and plan something to watch while eating lunch. I now watch a YouTube video while eating my lunch making sure it’s roughly a 30 minute one so I know I have half an hour to take a break! Then a bit later in the afternoon I tend to go outside for a walk or something just to get some fresh air, unless I have an evening event, then I tend not to worry so much as I know I’m out the house for the evening.

The Guilt

When working from home friends can think you’ve got all the time to just skip out for a coffee, but sometimes this can set you up for a bad day! I now always try and plan to see my friends late afternoon so I know I can cram in a ton of work in the morning. However I don’t get myself in too much of a muddle if I can’t get much work done as I find a lot of my blog post ideas come at night time when I’m drifting off to sleep, however that’s happening less now I have better routine of going to bed before midnight and getting up early.

I hope these tips can help you if you work from home! Feel free to let me know your tips down below in the comments as I love reading them!! I’ll catch you guys on Thursday with a vlog from my day at Twitter — YES Twitter, you’re hearing me right eeeekkk!! Can’t believe little old me went and hung out at Twitter for the day!

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