Let’s Talk Tax and Self-Employed Life — Yep, the Scary Side to It All!

  • Contains a paid collaboration with QuickBooks

So being self-employed comes with a lot of worry for most of us bloggers. A lot of us don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to tax and being self-employed. Of course, we’re great at our jobs and we love taking photos and writing about things we love, but when it comes down to the business side how many of us are pro accountants and good with the business side of things!? I know I’m not and actually being in my first year of being self-employed I had no clue — it’s all new to me!

My advice is to STOP putting off registering as self-employed. Just do it straight away, it’s something I kept putting off and you know why? Because I was scared. But it felt so good once it was ticked off my to-do list.

My next thing to do was to start logging my expenses and keeping track off all the bits I had no clue about! Question was, do I need to pay an accountant as I’m really not making the big bucks yet and want to keep my costs to a minimum, but I also want to make sure I’m doing everything right. After a ton of research, I found QuickBooks! It was literally my answer to the service I’d been looking for, plus it wasn’t going to break the bank. I managed to sign up for an introductory offer of £3/month for the first 6 months then £6 a month after.

What’s so good about QuickBooks… well it means no more keeping or worrying about that scrunched-up receipt from my train ticket last week that I need to find, QuickBooks has the answer, just take a snap of the receipt on the app and it gathers all the data it needs. As I’m a worry pot I do keep my original receipts handy just in case, but I’m sure you’re okay to bin them once they’re safely in the app ready to view at any time. The app will also log your mileage, and you can quickly swipe left or right depending on if it was a personal trip or a business trip. So all those events you drive to for your blog come over the business!

Invoicing on the go is also quite simple. You can add your logo to them and then send an invoice from a taxi when you’re on the move or just from home on your laptop. It lists and tracks all your invoice really nicely.

Something which really impressed me about the app is you can connect your bank account, which helps keep track of payments and expenses and take so much of the hard work out of accounting.

As you can instantly see how much you’re making and how many expenses have gone through it helps work out how much tax you have to pay. It also links up to HMRC ready for your tax return. Don’t ask me how yet as I haven’t quite got to that bit yet, but I’m excited for next year’s tax return as I know its going to be nice and easy as I’ll have been using QuickBooks keeping track of everything.

I’m so glad I signed up to QuickBooks as I now have one big worry and stress out the way and I can use a service which is really easy to use and does all the hard part for me (which is the maths part!).

There are a few different QuickBooks services depending on your situation. I went for the Self-Employed one which I think will be best for you if you’re using it as a blogger.

QuickBooks offers a 30-day free trial so what have you got to lose? Give it a try and let me know if you do end up signing up!

QuickBooks are also hosting QuickBooks Connect in London on Wednesday (28th Feb) to bring small businesses together. There’s still tickets left if you fancy popping along and listening and learning plenty. Also Jo Malone is going to be there and it sounds like it’s going to be a great day!


This blog post is a paid collaboration with QuickBooks. I signed up for the service in January and loved it so much I got in contact with QuickBooks to see if they would be interested in working with me to share this amazing product with your guys! I love finding a service or product which I know you guys would love too! I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the support of brands, however I will always only ever work with brands that I truly believe in and love. Also, just incase you noticed, my income is £0 because I’ve hidden it for these photos! I wouldn’t want to share private information to the world ?

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