A City-Smart Face Mask

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Although I don’t live in the city I’m in and out of London like a yo-yo, I might as well class myself as a city girl! When I get in from a day in London the first thing I do is blow my nose to get rid of all the black bogies *sorry bit too much info but come on, you all know what I mean!* and wash my hands. Then I always feel I need to take off my makeup and give my face a good cleanse. When the new This Work Evening Detox Clay Mask popped into my PO Box I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed as This Works is a brand which is yet to disappoint me.

So what if you don’t live in the city? Is this mask still right for you? Well yes, actually you would be so surprised at how much pollution affects us in our everyday lives even when we’re not in a big city. This product is great for you if you work in an office, love to cook or love to burn candles regularly.

I love the way you apply this mask, every mask should have this design. It has a brush on the end which locks and unlocks to save product leaking out and being wasted. It makes it so easy to apply simply unlock, squeeze, brush over your face and leave it for 10 minutes (it may tingle a little bit this is normal). Then rinse away and it leaves your skin feeling great. The mask is bright green so just a heads up you’re going to look like Shrek while it’s on.

Having a detox product in my skincare collection isn’t something I’ve ever really thought about, but actually it’s so important as the build-up of pollution can result in dullness, clogged pores and speed up signs of ageing and inflammation. So if you’re like me and have never really worried about it before maybe it’s time you add this mask to your collection.

I’m interested in getting my hands on the rest of the range now as this mask has really impressed me. The other products in the range are a Cleansing Water and a Detox Spray-On Exfoliant.

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