When was the last time you replaced your mattress?!

Okay, so think back to the last time you bought a new mattress… Can you even remember it was that long ago!? I know for myself I don’t remember the last time I replaced my mattress!

I’m usually an amazing sleeper, and as soon as I turn the lights off I’m asleep. Recently however I hadn’t been sleeping so well and it took me a while to realise why. My old mattress was SO old, like probably over 10 years old! Now I’ve got a brand new mattress I’m sleeping like a log again, and I firmly think that a good night’s sleep is having the right mattress as well as the right bedding. I recently replaced our double duvet for a king size one (although we only have a double bed!) which means I’m not fighting M for half the duvet anymore! I replaced our sheets too and oh my god, make sure you go for 400+ thread count when you next buy bedding. Every night now feels as if I’m sleeping in a luxury hotel!

So back to the mattress! We recently got a brand new Leesa mattress and we’ve not looked back ever since! So what’s so special about the Leesa mattress? It’s made up of 3 layers of foam which adjusts to your body for perfectly balanced comfort and support. It’s also great because when one of you rolls over or gets out of bed it doesn’t disturb the other person because of how the layers and memory foam works.

Ordering the mattress online was super easy. I really like how clear the sizing is when you order (they include the size and measurements so you know you’re ordering the right one), and they’ve made the whole experience so simple. When it arrives the mattress comes in a box… YES you’re reading this right… a BOX! Can you believe it? I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to plonk on the bed, cut the plastic off and then let it expand and get into shape.

Leesa also has a programme where for every 10 mattresses they sell they give one to the homeless, and they also plant a tree for every mattress sold. It’s things like that and how ethical they are that really makes the brand more attractive and makes me happier knowing that I chose them because they’re trying to help as much as possible!

I’ve slept so well since changing my mattress and that has a positive effect day in day out. We all need to pay more attention to how we’re sleeping in this day and age as it affects our health and our happiness.

If you fancy replacing your mattress with a new Leesa then you can receive £80 off a new one with this link. Please note, I don’t make any money through this link, it’s just a handy discount for you lovely lot!


This is a sponsored gifted collaboration with Leesa Sleep. Please note: I was kindly gifted the mattress in order to take it for a spin, test it out and post about my experience with the whole process. I was not paid in any other way and all views expressed are my own honest opinions.


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