Liz Earle vs. Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser

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Aldi is known for good quality food at a good price… well I say good quality food, I seem to be unlucky as I find the veg doesn’t last long enough so I tend to stick to other supermarkets. I have however found myself in Aldi twice the past few months, firstly to track down the candles that had similar scents to Jo Malone, and more recently I found myself in there tracking down the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser. Rumour had it that it’s a great dupe for another well-known cleanser. It surely sent everyone mad as the place was pretty much sold out of them and reading online it sounds like most stores were sold out too!

At the price of roughly £4 it doesn’t surprise me why it’s sold out. I managed to buy the last two at my local store, and compared to the Liz Earle one which sells for £16.50 they’re a bargain. There a reason why the Liz Earle one has won so many awards is that it’s an amazing product, however I can see why people are running into Aldi to grab an amazing dupe!

The past few weeks I wanted to try both of them and report back to you. The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth like the Liz Earle one, and the packaging is pretty different, however they’ve used a pretty similar icon on the front. The product itself has the same consistency/thickness but the colour was slightly different. The Liz Earle one is white and the Lacura was more of a cream. I find the smell of the Lacura cleanser is slightly stronger, but other than those differences they’re pretty much the same product.

I love Liz Earle products however overall it’s so close between the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Lacura one. After testing them out I’ve decided there’s really not to much difference in them. A hot cloth cleanser isn’t personally my favourite type of cleanser as I prefer a cleanser that takes my eye makeup of too, for example the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm or the Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier.

I hope you enjoyed this little comparison. I was really shocked how similar the products were, so good luck finding one if you’d like to try it out!

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  1. Hot cloth cleansers are something that I’m still hesitant about because everyone I try disappoints me. I’m going to keep reading up on the Liz Earle one and see if I end up trying it. I’ve heard great things about the brand but I’ll have to see.

    xx Maria

  2. I had a Liz Earle C&P tester last year and I thought it was very good… I ordered the Lacura HCC online after searching for another daily cleanser. I thought it was okay but I decided to buy a Liz Earle C&P – the full 200ml bottle because I thought that it would definitely be better. When I used Liz Earle’s C&P, I was so shocked to find out that the Aldi one is so much better. First of all, I felt like the full size bottle I had doesn’t smell as nice as the Lacura cleanser- you can smell the eucalyptus more in Lacura’s than Liz Earle’s cleanser and you’re right…they are very similar- so similar in fact that I actually feel like Lacura’s cleanser gives us more value for money… I mean, for one 200ml bottle of Liz Earle’s C&P, I can get 6 x of Lacura’s cleanser…how awesome right? Great post btw and I love your blog so I’ll be following your website from now on! 🙂

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