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Okay so it’s only taken me a few years for me to be completely happy with this room! I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long but today on the blog I wanted to share my updates and share my bedroom, as I haven’t really done a bedroom blog post before!

The Bed

I’ve been eyeing up this bed for like forever, and I was always refreshing the website pretty much daily to keep an eye on deals for it. I even waited for the January sale only to find it didn’t go in! However it did go on offer at one point for the best price I’d seen it for and I managed to get £150 off it (£50 voucher code and £100 offer from Made.com), and so obviously we ordered it in seconds! So why this bed!? First of all, I should probably say after eyeing it up for ages online I decided that when I was next passing by the Made.com showroom in London I would pop in to check I loved it in real life, which I did, and of course! It came really quickly (less than two weeks) which was great as I know sometimes Made.com has a long lead time on some items.

When it arrived Michael and I put it together, and let’s just say Made.com flat packs aren’t anywhere near as easy as Ikea or as quick! But the hard work putting it together was worth it as we now have a lovely bed and we have so much storage below it. I’m so shocked how much storage it’s under it plus it’s all neat and hidden away!


One thing I’ve learnt is that bedding isn’t cheap! I’ve discovered THE place to buy your bedding, where you can get bedding with quality that’s better than hotel bedding! It’s called Dusk and they’re similar to The White Company, however I would say the quality is better and much cheaper. Literally, I rave about Dusk to everyone! My whole family have now ordered from them and have been as impressed as I was. I also bought a fun duvet from John Lewis which was in the sale with cactuses on, but it’s nowhere near as soft as the Dusk one.

Kings size duvets! Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner, or should I say why hadn’t I convinced M sooner!? It makes bedtime so much easier not having to fight over the duvet. So okay I may have had to be a duvet hogger for a week leaving M cold every night to convince him why we need a bigger duvet! (See what I did there!?)

For the duvet we went for a Dunelm one in the end after looking at M&S, John Lewis and the White Company, but they so expensive, and we decided the Dunelm one was the same tog and inner filling so surely they would be roughly similar!

Bedside Table and Lamps

Our bedside lamps are from Aldi and were a complete bargain. I’ll try and link to some similar as they’re not available anymore. Our bedside tables are from Ikea which is okay for the time being, however, unfortunately one is slightly damaged now. I changed the handles to some M&S pink and marble ones just to add a bit of a personal touch to them. I like the way you can keep books on the little shelves below as well. Having a book next to my bed tries to encourage me to read more, but it never happens I always just end up insta-scrolling for hours instead, whoops!

Cosy Corner

The cosy reading corner – okay so not much reading goes on here but it looks like it does! The bookcase is more just for show! I love this corner of my room though. I was in HomeSense when I saw this coral chair and as soon as I saw it I knew we needed it and that I would make it work. It did mean selling my dressing table and a set of drawers, but it made perfect sense selling the storage and having a nice chair *M wouldn’t agree!*. Above our chair we have a photo grid, which I’ve wanted for ages as a place I can keep all my photos from events and fun photobooth photos. I never had anywhere to put them before so now I just clip them all up there and I love it!

So that’s my bedroom update. I love the feel of our bedroom now and it feels much more homely. There’s a room tour coming very soon to my YouTube channel so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it!

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