Getting Ready for Easter

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So it’s Wednesday and I NEVER post two blog posts in a row, but let’s just say you might not have a blog post on Saturday as it’s Easter weekend and I want some time to relax and enjoy Easter and hopefully enjoy some sunny spring weather… hrmmm I’m not so sure I’m currently writing this as it pouring with rain. Atleast the clocks have changed and we have lighter evenings which means M can now take some Instagrams of me once he’s home rather than saving them all up for a weekend job.

I wanted to share a few things to make your Easter feel more like Easter, as I know it’s hard to feel like it’s Christmas I mean Easter when last week we were only getting over snow.

Easter Tree

Okay so this is a little sad… I have an Easter tree, but come on it looks so pretty!! My mum has always done Easter trees and she was lucky to have a friend who had lots of hazel twigs spare one year so she made one. I was a bit less lucky but I found my willow twigs in Lidl and was walking around the store scared I was going to poke someone’s eye out, lets just say they were big and wild. Once I got them home I cut them down and added the Easter Egg decorations to it. I will try to link to some similar as mine were from Flying Tiger.


Okay so do I admit this or not!? Yes, I’m 27 and yes we still do an Easter egg hunt every year! I thoroughly enjoy our egg hunts each year and this year we’re going all out as I spotted these super cute props from ASOS by a brand called Ginger Ray so I picked up the Egg hunt pack and The bunny glasses. 

Easter Themed Socks

Just in case you’re not feeling like it’s Easter I couldn’t resist ordering these socks for the girls to wear and do our egg hunt in! Just a little bit of fun really!

Anyways I hope this has helped you feel like it’s Easter THIS WEEKEND!

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