Current Spring Wish List for My Capsule Wardrobe

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I don’t do these wish lists often however I really feel like this spring the shops are so on it — my wish lists are currently so good!! I’ve found so many great pieces I just had to share them with you all! As we’re getting closer to spring I’ve been thinking of the items I would like to add to my wardrobe over the next few months. Well, that’s if we don’t skip spring, looking at my weather forecast apparently next week is going to be like summer at 23 degrees! You say what!? Anyways I won’t hold my breath it’s currently grey and yucky out there and us Brits love complaining about the weather right!? Anyways enough about the weather lets get on to the picks…


I’ve been eyeing some new trousers which aren’t jeans! Since finding my black trousers that featured in my last post (here) I’ve had my eye on a few different styles, mainly the Topshop striped ones!! I also want to add more colour into my wardrobe this spring. Here’s my top picks…


Spring/Summer is pretty much the only time of year you will see me in a skirt. I’m not a massive fan but trust me this year there are definitely a few I would love to pick up! I think I’ve finally found a shape of skirt that suits my body! Yipee!


Let’s talk colour blazers! I’ve gone from owning two to wanting them all. So many nice pastel blazers!


There’s a real mix of tops, some tees which are always great to throw on, but also shirt button tops. I love this style and love the fact Topshop and New Look both have similar styles of these.


I love sandals and I mainly live in them come Spring / Summer. Any excuse to get out of winter boots and let my feet be free!

Basket Bags

This season is all about the basket bags and there’s so much choice. Topshop are mainly killing it with such a big collection which I LOVE!

What I’m Wearing

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