Learning to Go Offline…

Everywhere we go there’s always people on their phones. We live in a time where some would say we spend far too much time on our phones. When I was younger I always said I bet one day we would all have mini-computers that we could take everywhere and never be without the internet… >>GOSH<< was I right there!?

A few times I’ve been out and seen so many people missing out on enjoying moments because they’re glued to their phones. It got me thinking recently about how many times I was that person!?

On Sunday evening M and I actually sat down to watch a movie, and I purposely left my phone on the kitchen table so I wouldn’t be distracted by it. SO many evenings I waste away on my phone! And you know what? After the film I didn’t even feel the need to jump back on Instagram to check it. I’d actually enjoyed the moment rather than just watching what the people I follow were doing that evening. It really woke me up and surprised me. How many evenings have just been wasted on social media rather than enjoying a dinner or a movie!?

Last week I went out for dinner and I was so surprised when I got home to see my Instagram had actually grown, yet I hadn’t been on it all evening. It’s is proof you don’t need to be on Insta all the time to grow your following. I probably had more people follow me that evening than I would have if I’d been sat there scrolling for ages!

I’m certainly going to make more of a conscious effort to put my phone down on an evening. It’s super easy to let time get away when you’re scrolling, but without being glued to your phone evenings seem much longer!!

When was the last time you went offline? How did you find it? I’m going to be spending more time offline and enjoying my life instead of letting hours pass by on social media!


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