25 Road Trip Destinations this Summer with Vauxhall Corsa

  • This post contains a paid collaboration with Vauxhall Motors

As time is flying by in spring, each day we’re edging closer and closer to summer! What do you think of when I say the word summer?! Ice cream? Relaxing in the sun? Sea? Fish and Chips? BBQ’s? What else…!? ROAD TRIPS!! I L O V E a good road trip, and the lovely people over at Vauxhall Motors have sent me on one with the NEW Corsa to celebrate its 25th year anniversary! So, I’m sharing the adventure with you guys and giving you some summer road trip inspo with 25 destinations that I’ve either been to or that are on my list!

Did you know, in 1993, the original Corsa was launched in an advert with supermodels Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista!? It seems crazy that I’m now doing work with them, but okay I’m not quite a supermodel but I can pretend to be for one day right…!?

Here are 25 destinations for some inspiration! Some I’ve already ticked off my list, including my adventure in the Vauxhall Corsa, and some still on my list!


Places I’ve Visited:

  1. The Coast — One of the closest places on the coast to me, and one of my favourites, is Wells-next-the-Sea. It’s so pretty and the beach has lots of gorgeous coloured beach huts. This was the road trip I decided to do for this blog post, and we headed to Bang in Wells for a big brunch as soon as we arrived. (Top tip: they serve breakfast all day!) Then we wandered around and explored shops looking at cakes, fresh veg and the little gift/trinket shops before heading to the beach, but we didn’t stay too long because the weather turned, and it got a little chilly! It’s not summer yet I keep having to remind myself!
  2. Burnham Market — Moving on from our coast adventure brings me onto this place as it’s pretty much next to Wells! We headed to Burnham Market afterwards as it was getting windy and cold by the coast, and we strolled around the shops full of clothes and homeware (my fav!). Then we headed to get some hot chocolate to warm up and relax! It’s such a relaxing place to be!
  3. Brighton  What’s not to love about Brighton!? I think if I could I’d move to Brighton right away, I love it there and they have everything you could want! Such a trendy place with so much culture.
  4. Cornwall — This place is beautiful, although whenever I visit I always say I wish it was just a little bit closer. It always feels like I’m driving the other side of the world whenever I visit, but it’s totally worth the long road trip, and the perfect place for a mini-break rather than a day visit.
  5. Bath — It’s been a long time since I’ve visited Bath, but from when I was younger it always stuck in my mind of how pretty it was, with so many stunning buildings. Such a gorgeous place to spend the day seeing the Roman baths and all the other architecture, as well as grabbing a coffee and of course shopping!
  6. The Cotswolds — If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know recently Michael and I discovered the Cotswolds, and it soon became one of our favourite places to escape to the countryside. It’s so pretty and the perfect place to get away from everything and relax.
  7. Woburn — It’s a beautiful village that’s not far from Milton Keynes. It’s the perfect place to spend the day having afternoon tea (I recommend the Woburn Coffee House), visiting the safari park or Woburn Abbey and there’s also a Centre Parcs nearby if you fancy an evening Spa!
  8. Stamford — I love Stamford, it’s full of cute coffee shops and pretty buildings and houses. Let’s not forget there’s some good shopping there too! Such a picturesque place to spend the day.
  9. Norwich — There’s so much to do in Norwich, visit museums, shops, restaurants and cafes, it’s one of my favourite cities in England actually!
  10. Poole — It’s been a super long time since I went to Poole, but Old Harry’s Rock really stuck in my head. It’s so amazing you must go!
  11. Cheltenham — We spent some time in Cheltenham a year or so ago and it’s such a cool place with really interesting buildings and architecture. We stayed in No. 131 Park which I really recommend if you’re staying over!
  12. Stratford-upon-Avon — The birthplace of Shakespeare! Plus, the river is really pretty to walk along on a hot summer’s day with an ice cream! It’s a great day out for the family and the town has some really cool places to visit, like the all year-round Christmas shop and the MAD museum. So much fun!
  13. Birmingham — Well there’s one reason I like going on a road trip to Birmingham for, and that’s shopping! Such a great shopping centre, just make sure you’re okay with leaving with lots of cool stuff and not as much money!
  14. Lincoln — This place reminds me of Stamford a bit, plus when I went I got to meet the guys from Top Gear which was pretty awesome.
  15. St Albans — I love St Albans, it’s a gorgeous place for strolling around the shops and having a relaxing no-stress day out.
  16. Cambridge — I don’t really class this as a road trip destination for me as it’s on my doorstep, but I guess I have readers further away and it would definitely be a place to go for you if you’re one of them! Cambridge is just SO pretty and full of history. You’ll never run out of things to do, places to go and great food. It’s really somewhere that comes to life even more when it’s sunny and it’s just the most incredible place.
  17. Windsor — It’s such a unique place and it’s on the Thames which is the perfect destination when it’s a gorgeous summer’s day. There’s plenty of events and some great places to eat.

Places on my list to visit:

Here are the next spots I’d love to go to, and once I do I’ll make sure to let you all know what I think of them!

  1. Lake District
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Margate
  4. Salcombe
  5. Oxford
  6. Bristol
  7. Manchester
  8. Canterbury

So, you might be asking, why 25? What’s so special about 25? Well, there’s a reason why I picked 25 road trip destinations, and it’s because in 1993 the first ever Corsa hit the road, which means it’s Vauxhall Corsa’s T W E N T Y  – F I F T H anniversary!!

So now you’ve had some road trip inspirations, why should you do it in a Corsa I hear you ask? Well after spending the day in one I can say it’s pretty amazing. The coolest features are that you can stay connected on the road with OnStar and its 4g WiFi, which means up to 7 devices can connect to use the internet, which is perfect for when you’re driving with friends, and means they can keep scrolling on their devices without worrying about poor internet connection. It’s also perfect if you have children who get bored quickly on long car journeys… which is basically all children!

When M was driving he was all about the cruise control, speed limiter and all the car tech features (obviously), and I was super happy when I found out it has parking sensors and a rear camera! It makes squeezing into tight spaces easy. I’m actually super impressed that this small car has so much in it!

HOW CAN YOU GET YOUR HANDS ON ONE!? This is actually pretty cool, for just £149 initial rental you can get a brand new one for £149 a month, which is a crazy good deal! You can find out more at your local dealer or a www.vauxhall.co.uk for all the information and T&C’s.


This contains a paid collaboration with Vauxhall Corsa for their “25 years of Vauxhall Corsa” campaign. I only work with brands I truly love and I always give my honest views and opinions. Please see my disclaimer for more info.


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