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I have some new in skin care to share with you guys today! I’m always interested in trying new brands, so when ARK contacted me I quickly I scrolled through their Instagram and I really liked the look of their products, so of course I said YES!

They sent me three products, two from the SkinEssential range, which were the Reverse Gravity Eye cream and the Hydrating Mist, and then the Radiance Serum from the SkinPerfector range.

First, the eye cream, the product I’ve been using the most. Well, that’s after I learnt how to properly use it! I’d been applying too much and applying it too close to the eye rather than on my orbital bone and taping it lightly in. Whoops! I thought I was allergic to it as it stung, but it just turned out I was using it wrong ?

Anyways, once I discovered how to apply the eye cream it stopped stinging my skin and started working. The eye cream comes with a small metal ball on the side of the tube which you can use to massage the cream in. I’ve found since using the eye cream my dark circles have improved a lot. They haven’t 100% vanished *I can still dream of that happening one day* however, they are much better.

The Hydrating Mist is a product I apply when I come out of the shower, when your face feels really tight and yucky. After a spray I leave it to sink into my skin, leaving it feeling softer. I’ve always been a bit unsure about mists, but I recently heard someone say to treat them as a snack for your skin, so halfway through the day you can use them to freshen up.

The Radiance Serum is perfect to use in the morning before moisturizing and putting my foundation. It gives a nice healthy glow!

I’m really impressed with ARK and I love the way they categorise their products. It makes shopping for them so much easier. All ARK skincare is free from Parabens, Lanolin, Mineral oil. S.D alcohol, Formaldehyde and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, and they also use no artificial fragrances or colourings. Also, all ARK skincare is made in Britain and is never tested on animals!! YAY! 


I have kindly been gifted the products in this post! All opinions are my own!  I’ve used affiliate links and affiliate widgets i.e Shop This Post, which means I earn a very small percentage of any sales made through my website. It’s not much money but all the pennies add up and will go towards helping me spend more time and money on my blog. So clicking a link to buy a product via my website really can help me out and help me keep posting!



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