Spring Uniform Edit!

Ohhhh hello… I have another pair of trousers to share with you today! And ohhhh guess what, they’re not jeans! I’ve finally been converted into a trouser girl. Usually buying trousers are a pain as I’m too short, but looks like I was wrong all along as I’m back with more trousers! So here we are, chatting about my spring uniform because I just love these trousers after spotting them on Kate Lavie! Man, that girl has such good style!! 

The Trousers

I love stripes… yes yes you probably know that already with all my stripe tee’s! Let’s just say my whole t-shirt drawer is full of stripes, I pretty much have long sleeve and short sleeve stripes tees in every colour! However, I never thought I’d be bringing stripes into the trousers half of my wardrobe… although last summer I did get a striped skirt… but hello striped trousers! These super comfortable striped trousers are from Stradivarius from ASOS. They’re linen which is great as it means they aren’t too hot. They’re are perfect to put on in spring, especially on those ooppsss forgot to shave my legs again moments, or or s**t I didn’t fake tan last night, or just hrmmmm it looks sunny out there but who knows in an hour once I leave the house it could be flipping freezing and raining… ohhh good old britain..ayyy!? 

The Top

My top is good old ASOS, you can’t really go wrong can you! Although it is white so brb while I order another backup! White and I don’t mix well as I’m so clumsy… this will probably be ruined within a day or two! I really love the sleeves on this one, slightly different but cute!

Photos by Tilly Jayne

The Bag

I warned you that you’d be seeing this basket bag 100 times! Well, I was right, here it is again! I promise I will add a new one to my wardrobe soon but I just love this one, I can fit my whole kitchen sink into it!

Anyways that’s it from me! What’s your current spring uniform? Have a great weekend guys x

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