What’s New on the Olympus E-PL9

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The new Olympus camera came out in March and I was lucky enough to be sent one for a few weeks to have a play with it lets just say it doesn’t disappoint!

Let’s chat about the camera’s look and feel first and see how it differs from the E-PL8.

The E-PL9 comes in a brown, black or white leather, and the grip on the front is a different shape from the previous version. This makes it a lot more comfortable to hold as I’d I always thought the E-PL8 grip was a little too skinny and not enough to grip the camera properly. The dials on the top of the camera are also bigger and slightly easier to use. On the back of the camera nothing too major has changed, it’s just had a slight cosmetic upgrade with some of the buttons being mixed with leather rather than being full metal — it’s a super nice touch!

So what else is new? You can now film in 4k which is perfect if you’re a vlogger or enjoy filming, and you can even choose to save a photo from a frame of the video! I still need to try that but I can see how it’ll be really useful. It also features better low-light photography which is great for taking photos in restaurants!

There’s also a new built-in flash. The E-PL8’s flash wasn’t built-in and you had to attach it to the camera if needed. I don’t tend to use flash but I guess it’s handy having it built-in just case you need it!

The E-PL9 has new art filters and quicker access to all the cool creative photo modes so they’re easier to get to when you’re on the move.

One of the coolest updates is the easier and faster phone connection, and they now support Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi. I connect to my camera ALL THE TIME to transfer photos for Instagram so anything that makes it faster and simpler is a big win for me!

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