Hey ? I’m back!

Hey… I’m back! I took a lot longer off blogging than I expected… but it turns out buying a house… moving into dad’s… moving back out and into a house and getting a puppy is pretty damn stressful! Which is probably why you should always listen to your parent’s advice when they say don’t do everything at once! But I’m not the type of person who waits, I’m all or nothing… so here I am on very little sleep!

So what else has been filling my time? Well we’ve have laid two patios in our garden in the middle of the heatwave and also a lot of making tea having friends over and just enjoying being in and settled! But guys I’m back and I’m feeling good! Gosh I’ve missed this old thing!

I’m really excited to work on more content and to put more focus into my blog creating content and improving my photography. This is an area I learnt I really want to grow and focus now I’m back! I managed to keep my YouTube channel pretty consistent over the crazy busy period, however, with writing I feel you need to be in the right place! I would also love to know what type of posts you would like to read. I’m planning on doing some blog posts about house buying etc. and I’m doing lots of room planning atm so there are a few hauls already over on my channel.. did you catch them?!


Anyways I better go and finish planning my new office! It’s so nice having my own space where I can just work away, but for now I’m busy planning how it’s going to look!

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