Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

Last year I went to an event at the Nobu Hotel and it looked like such a nice hotel! I remember saying one day I’m going to come back and stay! When I was nominated for a Blogosphere award I decided I’d treat myself with a stay there as it was close to the event. I booked the hotel through the HotelTonight app which is one of my favourite apps to use (and no this isn’t sponsored, I just generally love the app!). I’ve used it a few times to save some money when booking hotels.

We arrived at Nobu into the big welcoming reception area. I did notice some of the other people checking in and receiving welcome drink tokens, however sadly we didn’t get given any which was a bit of a shame.

The room was stunning, full of gold features: the big cabinet with a massive TV in, a nice gold headboard and gold sink in a bathroom. The room was a mix of luxurious and industrial with a concrete ceiling and big round glass lights hanging down. I really like the way they did the windows, instead of curtains they had sliding wood panels, one with gaps for privacy (but the light can still come through) and one was a blackout one for night time which made the room so dark, you would have never guessed you were in the middle of Shoreditch. One of the main reasons why I booked Nobu was their late check out of 12pm. Knowing we would have a late night I wanted somewhere I knew I didn’t need to rush out in the morning. Sadly Thames Water woke us up early as they were drilling on the road right outside our window as they had been doing some works there for a while, but HotelTonight were so helpful and credited our account with a voucher for our next stay somewhere!

Once we arrived back at the hotel after the awards we went to the bar for a drink. We ordered one soft drink and one cocktail, and with the service charge it came to over £20. May I add the service charge cost was just making the drinks and bringing them to our table. We still had to queue to order, and they didn’t come back to ask us if we wanted more drinks. They didn’t even give us a drinks menu when we first sat down even though there were plenty of staff around. So it didn’t feel too inviting really.

In my opinion, I think Nobu Hotel could have been better and I wouldn’t rush to go back. Although the rooms and hotel itself was lovely I think the service could have been better and I didn’t really feel like the customer service was up to scratch for the price of the hotel.

Have you been to Nobu? I’d love to hear your experience!

Disclaimer: I fully paid for my stay through the HotelTonight app!

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