How to Be a Coffee Drinker…

I’ve always loved the smell of coffee but never been a coffee fan. I was with Sian the other year and tried some of her iced frap and it turned out it was a coffee one. I literally had to spit it out… back then I couldn’t stand the taste of coffee! It’s funny how our taste buds change to like stuff, and that we can train ourselves to like something. I remember back in the day my mum would make me really sugary and milky tea.

When I came back from living in France I came back eating olives and drinking wine, which would never have happened before! So why am I writing about coffee and how did I get into being a coffee drinker? I trained myself to drink coffee, and this is how did it:

Whenever Michael went to get his “dreaded” free Waitrose coffee (I say dreaded as my dad hates the Waitrose free coffee, he believes it’s a food shop not a coffee shop!) then I would always drink Michael’s froth from his coffee as I love froth and it always had a slight coffee flavour to it. He used to moan that I’d get the best bit of the coffee! Anyways after that Michael started ordering me a mocha… like how the heck did I not think of this before!? Probably because I only just learn’t what a Mocha was really… living under my rock! It’s basically a hot chocolate + coffee (just in case you didn’t know!?) and it’s the perfect way to have some coffee without it tasting strong. It was just that I couldn’t do strong coffee so I needed to start slow!

I was in John Lewis looking at coffee machines for Michael (the coffee lover) when the Nespresso lady offered to make us one. I chose the caramel (that’s actually called Caramelito if you want to be fancy!) and I actually liked it, obviously adding a bit of sugar! Soon after the Nespresso machine was on order and the rest is history!

So if you don’t like coffee love the smell like I did, I hope this might help you get into coffee! I’m super impressed with the Nespresso coffee range. I’ve tried quite a few now and actually I don’t always need sugar now! Righty I’m off to make a coffee, gosh is it sad that I just wrote a whole blog post on coffee!?

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