A Pasta Box Subscription Service…

I’d heard of food subscription boxes like HelloFresh, Gusto and Abel & Cole, but I’d never heard of a pasta subscription box before! The lovely people over at Pasta Evangelists reached out to me to see if they could gift me a box to try! Being the pasta lover I am I was more than happy to try one out!!

I love pasta, I feel there’s two types of pasta, the stuff you buy from supermarkets and the real fresh stuff. I know you can get the fresh stuff from supermarkets but it never tastes the same as if you’d made it! A few months back you might remember I went to Waitrose cookery school and learnt how to make pasta from scratch and it was super interesting and yummy! The only mistake I’ve made is to never have made it since, partly because it’s a bit of a faff and I don’t have the right tools, but man if someone offered to make me fresh pasta daily I wouldn’t say no!

When I received the pasta it came in a box which kept it all nice and fresh and cold, so no worries if you’re out of the house and can’t get the delivery in the fridge right away. We received two types, and the Marbled Beef & Truffle Tortelloni with Sage Butter & Taralli Crumb which was the best tortelloni I’ve ever tasted! It didn’t fall apart when cooking and it was properly filled, not just a tiny bit of stuff in the middle. It was well packed with marbled beef and truffle which tasted incredible! It was also super easy to cook, no confusing recipes, nice simple steps!

The other pasta I had in the box was a Gnocci, but sadly it had blue cheese in and I just can’t eat strong cheese. If you’re a paying customer you can obviously pick your options and exclude certain foods. You can also order one-offs or you can subscribe and save!

I was really impressed with the food, it was delicious and I really like that fact the recipe card was full of information about the dish.

You can get 50% off your box here!! 

Disclaimer: Pasta Evangelists gifted me this box, I did not have to share it with you but I actually really loved the pasta and enjoyed the experience. It was too good not to share! Contains affiliate links.

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