4 Items I’m Adding to My Wardrobe for Autumn

The time of year has come to start thinking about Autumn and the new items I’m going to be adding into my wardrobe…

A Blazer

I’m really keen to add a black or navy blazer to my wardrobe. It’s a staple piece which will get a ton of wear!

Black Leather Tote

Yes yes yes I’ve been eyeing up the YSL black leather tote for years, but I’ve decided right now I’m not going to invest, however I do have requirements for the alternative, it’s got to be leather and black! Pretty simply really but you would be shocked how hard it is to find!


A pair of loafers, and my requirement is that they are white! Yes, I’m not really a person who wears white, especially white footwear, what am I thinking!? I step in far too many muddy puddles, but I saw them on Emma Hill and I can’t stop thinking about them. I’m still deciding between the white Mango loafers and the white & Other Stories loafers! Decisions… decisions… also FYI there is a limited choice as not many places that seems to sell white ones!

Animal Print Skirt

Well they are everywhere, but finding one that will suit my short stumpy body will be another problem! I really want one that I can dress up with a pair of ankle boots or dress down with trousers and maybe team it up with a black knit.

Anyways that’s it from me! What are you adding to your Autumn wardrobe?

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