How to Ace going to events rather than ruining it by worrying…

  • Because let's face it we can't do a million things at once...

In the past two years that I have been blogging, I’ve been going to events. I always used to stress myself out about how to go to an event, share it on social media, get good photos and take it all in, and then to then remember what to write about. I feel after two years I’m only just getting it down to a T!

So when an event pops into my inbox, firstly I decide how important it is and if I would like to go. Then I decide well how best to share the event with my audience. I sometimes also check with the brand/PR what content is expected as sometimes you’ll be invited to an event and then find out after they 100% want a blog post in exchange of the invite. You don’t want to turn up thinking you don’t need to write a blog post and then a few days later getting an email asking where the blog post is, as that’s just awkward! Some events I’ll just know I want to blog about, and then there’s the stress of making sure I get the best content for my blog. Other events I know are more suited to just sharing on Instagram stories, and the key is to make the Instagram stories stand out.

So this is how I manage and organise myself at events. I’ll decide which camera I’m taking, if I’m vlogging then the Canon G7x is always a must. If I want to do fancy Instagram stories then I know I’ll need my Olympus PEN E-PL9. If I know it’s going to be bad lighting at an event I tend to choose to vlog or Instagram story those days, and if we get to take away any products which are being launched then I’ll take photos at home where I can properly set them up and test them out, and I’ll do the blog post later on. Top tip: take a big bag which is comfortable to hold as it’s likely to be heavy and you’ll need your hands free as most of the time you’re holding a drink while trying to take photos!

Nowadays I’ve learnt to not post my Instagram stories while I’m at the event. I’ve found it was taking up so much of my time while trying to use the right hashtags and usernames etc. I now post my stories as close to the event as I can, usually on the way home on the train. That means I can be more creative and spend more time on the content. If I’ve reviewed a restaurant or hotel I try to write down as much as possible during or after the meal/stay when I have a few minutes to spare. This way you’ll have some notes down which will 100% help when writing up the blog post later. Top tip: use Evernote, Dropbox or Notes on your phone sync and it up to your computer so it’s easy to access after the event.

If I’m at an event where they’re doing a talk about a product or about a brand, instead of frantically writing loads of notes on my phone and panicking that I’m going to miss something, I simply use the voice recorder on my phone. That way you don’t look like you’re being rude on your phone and not paying attention, and you can come away and re-listen to anything and you don’t miss anything out! Top tip: make sure your phone has plenty of battery you will be shocked how quickly it disappears carry a power bank around too! 

Finally, don’t panic and enjoy yourself!!


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