Tips for a Stress-Free House Move

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Okay so moving is one of the most stressful things ever! Luckily I’ve only really done it 3 times in my lifetime and one of them was as a teenager so my mum did most of the sorting etc! So really only two times as an adult! The first time was when M and I first moved in together, which wasn’t too stressful as we didn’t have tons of stuff as it was our first place together. Well don’t get me wrong we did have tons of stuff but not much furniture luckily!

As you know I’ve just moved into a new house so I wanted to do a tips and tricks post to help you out!

The first thing you need to decide is if you’re going to pay £££’s for removal men or do it yourself! Most cases if you’re roughly my age then you’ll probably want to save the pennies, so this is a guide to doing it yourself!

1: Pack an overnight case of items you need the first night. This will stop the whole 10pm at night gosh where are my PJ’s and makeup remover, and ohhh I just want a relaxing bath or shower after feeling grubby from moving boxes all day. Remember to pack you favourite shower / bubble bath as it will be such a treat by the end of the day!

2: This is probably one of the most important tips! Pack a box with some mugs/kettle/tea bags and coffee, and also pick up some milk on your way to your new place. EVERYONE will be wanting a hot drink!

3: Some may say the more help the better, but THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!! We moved during a heatwave if there had been any more people we would of been on top of each other! I had my mum, my dad and Michael obviously. It was just right, the guys could move the heavy stuff and start making the bed etc when my mum and I could sort out boxes!

4: When packing/boxing up use more boxes but smaller ones! I boxed up all our items as I was so worried I was going to have many broken glasses, especially as some of our wine glasses are cheap Ikea ones. I only wrapped them in the newspaper and they were all fine, which I’m certain is because of not having many in a box to avoid breakages! Also although it seemed like there were tons of boxes and I had a lot of stuff, it meant the boxes weren’t heavy so didn’t strain our backs, but it did mean more journey’s when unloading the van!

5: Make your bed as the first piece of furniture to go up so it’s all ready for the end of the day. Don’t leave it until last as you may not have enough energy to make it and there’s nothing worse than being tired and still needing to make your bed!!!

6: Take away is your best friend! Well, that one’s pretty self-explanatory! Although if you’re buying somewhere it might be an idea for a parent/friend to go grab lunch while you collect the keys as this saved us time.

7: Van hire!! Decide who’s going to drive the van — for me it was definitely M! Also when hiring a van shop around locally. We needed a Luton box van as we had tons of stuff. We got one locally for around £100 for the day, and when I was looking at big companies they were around the £200/£300 mark! Also look around on Facebook as there’s so many “man with a van” pages, but you must be careful to make sure they’re trustworth and come recommended, and that they’re insured, as the last thing you want is damaged items etc!

Anyways… shit’s getting real I guess! Big congratulations if you’re reading this because you’re about to move house! Good luck and I hope this helps a bit!

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