Fragrance Profiling Session with Penhaligon’s

The other week I was invited to Penhaligon’s to have one of their fragrance profiling sessions! I had one last year which I really enjoyed so I said yes to going again as I found it so interesting hearing about the fragrances. I headed to the Cambridge store, which is where I had my first profiling session and came away with Artemisia, which is still one of my favourites in my perfume collection! I was really excited to see which scents were picked out for me this time as I’m sure my tastes have changed. The Cambridge store is small and so sweet, and has so much to offer. It’s definitely worth a visit next time you’re in town.

When I arrived at the store I was asked a few questions, for example, my favourite food, time of year, even my favourite fabric! It’s crazy how a series of questions can help pick your types of fragrances! After answering a few questions it was time to start smelling the fragrances. I love this part, where you get to narrow it down (although it’s the hardest part!). I had it down to 3 that I loved, and my final choice was Clandestine Clara which is made up of a base note of Amber Patchouli and then contains Cinnamon Musk and Rhum Vanilla. Oh gosh the 3 of them team up and smell so good! I also love how their fragrances last all day.

Clandestine Clara is one of the characters from their Portraits range, which is made up of a story with different characters which are all fragrances. The boxes have been designed by Kristjana S Williams and are stunning! There’s a video here which gives you a bit more information about the different characters and the story.

Disclaimer: I was invited for a profiling session and Penhaligon’s kindly gifted me a fragrance to take home with me! I really enjoyed the experience and wanted to share it with you guys!

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