Getting our Kitchen / Diner Ready for Winter!

Brrrr we’ve definitely had colder weather the past few weeks… in some parts of the UK we’ve already seen snow, that’s just crazy!! As you know M and I bought a house this year so you can imagine this year has been pretty costly. For summer it wasn’t too bad as we spent so much time outside in our lovely garden (it was the priority to get the patio laid, we spent the 4-week heatwave digging and laying patio to try to keep down costs — who knew how expensive paving slabs and concrete!?), but it’s been far too cold to enjoy the garden now, so we’ve been spending so much time in our kitchen/diner!

Firstly it’s a great size, and secondly, Arthur’s a nightmare on the carpet so we’re trying to be in the kitchen/diner with him more! As we spent more time in the kitchen/dinner we knew the two chairs we had bought quickly from HomeSense weren’t ideal for the area. So spent a weekend moving the sideboard and realising we had enough space for a LARGE sofa. So we ordered a Loaf sofa in about two point five seconds — a nice bright blue sofa and I knew it would be sooo snuggly.

As soon as we moved the room around we released all the furniture was pointing in the same way and we needed something to break up the room, plus my feet were forever cold on the hard floor. So when the lovely people over at Frith Rugs got in touch I was definitely not going to turn this down! A rug was just what we needed to finish off the room (well we do need curtains but that’s a next year job as curtains for french door aren’t cheap especially when you fall in love with designer fabric!!).

I was worried about ordering a rug online, worried if it would be good quality?! Will it look like the photo?! Is it something I need to go in-store for? Well the great news is with Frith the photos are spot on and are really realistic. The quality is amazing…. as you know we have a puppy and its slightly confused him… okay so he thinks its a giant puppy pad so we had to revisit it a bit of puppy training (if you have a puppy and buy a rug just buy the Simply Solution spray its brilliant at getting out any accidents!). But he tried tearing it, digging it up and he hasn’t been successful so that was a great way of putting the rug to the test!

All I can say is it certainly has Arthur’s seal of approval, as I write this he is fast asleep by my feet! (see photo below). I’m so impressed with the range of rugs on Frith Rugs, they had all types and sizes, something for everyone and everywhere! I know my mum is already eyeing one up for her living room!

We have our kitchen table and chair on the rug too which is lovely when you’re eating dinner, no cold feet! Also the chairs don’t make marks or holes in the rug thank god!

Rug | Sofa | Dining Table | Side Table | Vase | Lamp | Candle

I really feel the rug has transformed this space and made it so cosy ready for the winter — I couldn’t be happier!

Disclaimer: I have kindly been gifted the rug from Frith Rugs. There are also some affiliate links in this post where I make a little bit of money if you do buy something through one but it doesn’t affect you! Please see my disclaimer for more info.

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