The 30mm Olympus Lens

  • …and how you can get for free atm!! (Limited time only)

If you ask me about cameras you’ll find me talking about Olympus! It’s my go-to camera to shoot my blog or Instagram content. I love finding a new lens for the Olympus PEN and recently I’ve added a 30mm macro lens to my collection — a lens I get so much use out of. I used to use my 45mm lens all the time but now I’m more confident I like to use different lenses as it’s definitely not the case that one lens fits all photos you need to take.

With the 30mm macro lens you can get lots of close up detail and so much gorgeous background blur, and for other types of shots you don’t have to stand a million miles away to get the shot like you would have to with the 45mm! The 30mm is not only great for close-up make-up or jewellery shots, it can also shoot great outfit detail shots. You can get super close to what you’re shooting (closer than 2cm) to get such incredible close-up detail… just think of the arty make-up photo potentials!

It’s perfect if you like taking outfit photos, food photos, landscapes and beauty images… it captures all the details and it’s now one of my most used lenses.

If you like the photos in this blog post they were all shot on the 30mm, and even better for a limited time Olympus have a free 30mm lens when purchasing an Olympus E-PL9! Find more info and T&Cs here.


Olympus kindly gifted me the new Olympus E-PL 9 and the 30mm lens! I’m in love with their cameras and all reviews and opinions are my own honest views.


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  1. I am looking for a new lense and I only have the one my Olympus Pen 7 came with.You pretty much convinced me to get this lense because of the macro feature and the blurred backrounds. I was wondering, though, can you create photos with those nicely shaped round light spots in the backround too? Thanks for your help.
    Love, Desi
    @stunnydesi_loves on IG

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