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  • I guess 2018 wasn't too bad after all...

Ohhh gosh, how have we ended up in 2019 so soon!? It seems like 2018 went so quicky! I always remember my Great Nan (not great as in great/amazing although she was pretty awesome, I mean great as she was my mum’s mum mum!) saying when I was younger make the most of these years as it goes so quickly when you get older… she was completely right!!

I wanted to do a bit of a round up of 2018 and I thought I was ending the year on a pretty s*** ending, mainly because I set myself goals/targets which I sadly just missed! Mainly the 5k mark on Instagram towards the end of the year and I just felt a bit sad / fed up I was focusing lots of energy seeing people cheat their way on Instagram, and when Instagram a big part of your job it’s pretty annoying when you see people cheat, or maybe they aren’t cheating now but you know they previously did which has given them a higher following now which they’re growing from! Anyways enough about Instagram, I have to remember Instagram isn’t everything in life and it was the only reason why I felt sad towards the end of the year!

I felt I spent too much time online rather than offline, every time I opened social media someone else just got engaged or announced they are pregnant! Which don’t get me wrong I don’t want that atm but I just felt everyone was living there best life and I just wasn’t! I even think I had a mini mid-life crisis (not a real one) so I decided to paint the guest bedroom right before Christmas, like who does that the busiest time of year especially when you’re hosting Christmas for 6! I learnt my lesson, never start a project without plenty of time!!

The other day I did a round up on Instagram of my best 2018 moments and ohhh gosh it was actually an amazing year I can’t believe I let the last couple of months get to me and I forget all the amazing things which had actually happened… so are you ready for my highlights!?

Starting in January I went down to L’oreal for the day to have my hair done and I also went on Cambridge 105 radio station eeekkk it was scary!! January was when Michael and I started to think about moving and buying a house so we visited lots of different towns and cities to get vibes and started looking at a few houses!

Moving onto February I hung out with Olympus a lot and their new E- PL9 Camera which is amazing (read all about it here). I also hung out for the day at Twitter which was such a fun day, we learnt so much and I also vlogged the day!

March began with lots of snow but I also had to shoot an ice cream ad for my Instagram. Everyone was giving me mad looks, and the photo doesn’t show my ugg boots and all the snow on the ground!! We also got to have an overnight stay at The Fish as they had their refurbishment!

April came and I was up for a blog award in London it was also soooo HOT!! We also started packing in April as we didn’t know when we would be moving! I got to work with Vauxhall on a campaign so we had a road trip to the seaside it was so fun!! Then May came with lots of packing and we said goodbye to Michael and I’s first place together. We put all our stuff in storage and moved to my dad’s (rent free!) and enjoyed all the free food and drink (tbh I’m still questioning why we moved out from his place)!

June was again really hot, I went to my friends baby shower which was so much fun and I had lots of events in London which just made the summer so lovely, lots of good memories. I headed to the Blogosphere awards where sadly I didn’t win my award but I also vlogged it here. This was the month we went and found a sausage dog and reserved little Arthur!! I had a girlie sleep-over at The Ham Yard hotel with my good friendly Maria and on the way home on the train I received a message from a good friend saying she had given birth to a baby girl which made me cry (long story but I was just so happy for her!). To end the month we got our keys to our house and moved on a VERY HOT day but my Mum and Dad were amazing and helped us lift boxes/unpack, let us fill their cars up with our crap as we seriously had a lot of stuff to move, then two days later began the 3-week journey of making our garden into a garden, during the heatwave!!

July was fun more unpacking and another baby being born of my best friend who had a baby boy!! We also brought home our baby sausage! My friend got engaged we went to her engagement party danced all night (although it was so hot!), she’s been my friend for 15 years!

August I decided to chop off my hair and go for a bob, and we spent A LOT of time in B&Q! Work things happened like meeting Joe Wicks at John Lewis!! September/October were quiet, I had a few work events and one was having afternoon tea with Stacey Soloman that was pretty cool!

In November Michael and I decided it was time for a little staycation we headed to The Swan for a night away for our anniversary. I also did work for The Grafton and John Lewis which I really enjoyed and makes me proud that I get to call this my job!

December we decided to do our front garden (yesss we are mad!), and I got to spend the day with Elizabeth & Co making wreaths which was pretty awesome, I vlogged it too! I discovered Rachel Eve and learnt I could have good skin after all. She worked her magic on me and I will be posting about it very soon! Then it was the Christmas countdown, lots of prepping for Christmas and painting our guest bedroom!

So after all that I’m excited to see what 2019 brings! I’m really ready to refocus all my energy back into my corner of the internet and I really want to up my game with my content! Taking two weeks off over Christmas is always going to be risky when you’re self-employed but I really needed time off work to give me new ideas! Thank you for bearing with me! I’m well-aware my last vlogmas will be going live in January ? I would love to know what type of posts and YouTube video you would like it see this year?!

I will be posting on here on a Wednesday and Saturday and taking my videos down to one a week on a Sunday. There might be the odd vlog pop up on a weekday but I have decided I want to upload one better quality video a week rather than two regular ones!

What were your highlights of 2018!?

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