Ways to Be Organised for Work Life in 2019

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This week we’re pretty much all back to work, but how are you going to make sure you’re ready and organised?! I’ve recently got into really bad habits at the end of 2018 with my work, so now’s my chance to share with you how I’m getting back into my work-life in 2019!

On Your Laptop

First things first, let’s talk about getting your laptop/desk up ready for 2019!! Reply to any emails left over from last year, then clear your inbox of any emails which are old, delete or archive them! You know those annoying software updates which consistently bug you daily? Just click update and get them updated rather than waiting months and months! Same with storage on your laptop… dig out that hard drive back up your computer and move anything of your laptop which is using up memory which you don’t really need. If you’re a YouTuber, storing old videos on hard drives helps a lot!


Receipts and invoices. If you haven’t done your tax return you really should do it now to get it out the way — the deadline is coming up very quickly!! I luckily did mine over Christmas, and it reminded me how much I really should get my receipts in order ready to make next years return a lot easier. If you don’t have an online system I recommend you look up Quickbooks, it’s amazing at keeping track of everything. I did a blog post all about it here. This is the perfect time to chase up any overdue invoices too!


Organising and tidying your workspace will make you feel a lot better! Over Christmas I tidied my desk so I knew it was ready for me to get straight back into work! Last year I had gotten into such a bad habit of working in the kitchen which was full of distractions making a zillion cups of tea a day! I have also decided on set times when I would like to be in my office.


I was super excited after Christmas to get back into a routine. I say “get back into” a routine, I wasn’t really in a good routine pre-Christmas break, I was getting up taking, M to the station in my pyjamas then coming back home having tea and breakfast and cuddles with Arthur, then showering and getting to my laptop about 10, sometimes even 11 — which wasn’t acceptable! This year I’ve set myself a routine of getting up and showered before taking M to the station, then having breakfast when I’m back making sure I’m at my desk for 9 o’clock! I think it’s so important to be strict with yourself when you’re self-employed, it’s so easy to let things slip which I had done before and I got lazy which meant I wasn’t focused on my work at all!

I really hope this has helped you get back into the swing of things for your work life in 2019!! Let me know about any of your tips in the comments below!

My new posting schedule will be two blog posts a week, one on a Wednesday and one on a Saturday, and then one YouTube video a week… apart from this week, where you’ll have two, one is a sneaky old vlogmas video on Thursday as it got a bit lost in December!! Whoops! Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it here!

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