The New Way of Sending Flowers…

  • Includes Gifted Products

The lovely people over at Petal Plan offered to send me some flowers… and of course I said yes! Who wouldn’t!? But that’s not the only reason why I said yes… after learning more about them I really liked their concept!

Have you ever had a birthday or occasion where you’ve had about 3 bunches of flowers sent, and then they all die at once and you haven’t really had a chance to enjoy each one? Well Petal Plan has the answer! They are way of sending flowers but instead of the recipient receiving flowers, they receive a card so they can plan when the flowers will arrive at a time that suits them (maybe on a Friday/Saturday so they can enjoy them all weekend and make the most of them!).

The buyer can decide the flower arrangement and the price, and the receiver will receive a unique code to insert into Petal Plan and pick a date! I arranged my flowers to arrive right before Christmas so I had some nice flowers over the busy period where I did lots of entertaining. I have to say I had so many compliments about the flowers, they were simply stunning and such a nice treat right before Christmas!

You can really tell every little bit of detail has gone into Petal Plan, the gift card you receive is really modern and simple, and the website is super easy to use! So next time you need to send flowers give Petal Plan a try!

Disclaimer: This post includes gifted products… I loved the service and flowers so decided I would share them with you guys!! Please see my disclaimer for more info.


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