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You may remember from my Instagram stories before Christmas that I visited Rachel Eve, who’s based just outside of Cambridge near Newmarket. We’d been following each other for a while on Instagram through my mum of all people, bit random but it’s great when your mum recommends you to people she meets ?. I really like Rachel’s Instagram stories as they’re so full of great information when it comes to skincare! We’d been chatting for a while and then she invited me over to try out the Image Signature Enzyme Peel and Dermalux LED Phototherapy.

You’ve probably heard the word ‘Peel’ (they seem to be popping up more and more!), and Rachel offers a few different peels so it’s best to ask her which one she thinks is best for you skin. The Image Signature Enzyme Peel that I had is a 4-layer peel which includes pumpkin and papaya for exfoliation, hyaluronic acid for hydration and then Vitamin C for brightening. I wouldn’t say this facial is a relaxing type of facial but it felt nice knowing it was actually working into my skin and that it’s doing a good job!

Then to finish with I went under the Dermalux LED Phototherapy, and at first I wasn’t too sure about as I thought those type of things cause skin cancer, but it turns out it’s nothing like at sunbed! It’s an LED light which is made up of red light for hydration and reduces lines, a blue antibacterial light which will help with acne, and infrared light which is anti-inflammatory for healing and reducing redness. It was a bit of a weird experience but definitely worth it and I would have it done again.

I was super impressed with the results and I’ve noticed my skin has really improved, people have even commented on how my skin looks brighter and clearer! Rachel recommended me the ENVIRON Vita-Antioxidant AVST 1 and gave me a sample of the Image Skin Care Vital C hydrating anti-ageing serum. I’ve been using both of these products since and I don’t think I will ever go without them in my skincare routine. I’m super impressed with how my skin is looking now! The ENVIRON Vita-Antioxidant AVST goes up in stages so I’ve started with stage 1 and will end up going up to stage 5 eventually.

I felt so refreshed after seeing Rachel, she knew so much about what she was doing and answered any questions and really went into detail about everything! I’d highly recommend her.


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  1. Pumpkin and papaya! That sounds delicious haha. The Dermalux LED Phototherapy sounds like it did your skin good. I was wondering, after the treatment, did your skin get red or anything? Was there any downtime?

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