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Makeup brushes are the worst for building up and then you just end up with way too many! Over Christmas when I was clearing out A L O T of my JUNK I decided to tackle my brush collection. Somehow it had grown to 43 brushes… like seriously girl, you only have one face how the heck can I own so many brushes!? I’ve now managed to get it down to 20, so over half of what it used to be! There was certainly nothing “capsule” about my makeup brushes. I have a capsule wardrobe but I certainly don’t think that way for makeup. So I’ve decided that this is the year to cut back and only keep things I really use!

So, what brushes did I keep?


I’ve only kept 3 as I only use the buffing type brush, so two are the Zoeva 104/ Buffer brushes and one is very similar which is the Spectrum B01. I just find they get dirty quickly so I need 3 rather than washing one of them daily. It’s just easier to have 3 on the go! I’ve also kept 4 blending sponges / beauty blenders. They’re not all by beauty blender they’re a few different brands that I’ve collected over the years. I’ll go through a stage of preferring a brush to apply makeup then I will go through a phase of using a beauty blender, so I decided it would be good to have a few options. I also kept a Spectrum B03 brush as I find this brush is great for applying concealer and blending under-eye concealer.


I think for this category I could maybe cut it down a bit more so I’m going to review it in a month. The blusher brushes I kept are Zoeva 126/ Luxe Cheek Finish, Spectrum A05 and Bobbi Brown face blender (I prefer this brush for blusher for some reason!). Moving on to bronzer brushes I kept two, the Spectrum A01 and Real Techniques blush brush (which I don’t actually use to blush as it’s so big!). I also kept the Zoeva 109/ Luxe Face Paint which I use for more contouring!


Okay this one I kinda failed as I ended up keeping 10… MY BAD!!! I’m just going to do a list as there’s a lot:

Spectrum A06, B04, B06, G06.

Zoeva 228/ Luxe Crease, 317/ Wing Liner, 234/ Luxe Smoky Shader, 226/ smudger, 322/ Brow Liner

Bobbi Brown Ultra Precise Eye Liner

I’ve kept two liner brushes but I don’t even own a liner to apply!? But in my defence, it’s just in case one day I change my mind on liners and I’ll need one! I do really use all these brushes depending on which look or how clean they are. Not going to lie I get a bit lazy when cleaning my brushes!

So as you can see there’s 2 main brands I buy my brushes from, mainly because they’re just f*** awesome! They wash really well, they apply the product really well and they’re just super good quality!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite brushes are and if you have let your collection get out of hand!

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